10 Alternative Mario Spinoff Games to Replace Mario Kart in the Sequel to the Super Mario Bros. Movie


  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 has the potential to integrate various cherished derivative series, such as Mario Party and Mario Tennis, into the narrative.
  • The sequel has the opportunity to delve into Yoshi’s Island lore, as suggested in the post-credits scene of the first film, giving Yoshi a significant presence in the movie.
  • Luigi’s Mansion could be included to offer an enjoyable change of pace, expanding on the King Boo cameo from the first movie and expanding Luigi’s ghostly escapades.

Mario Kart iconography was heavily featured in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and these 10 Mario derivative games would be the perfect Mario Kart alternative in The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2. Nintendo’s Mario franchise is notorious for having an immense number of derivative series, with Mario and the gang competing in various sports and games, while side characters also go on their own adventures. The abundance of Mario derivative titles means that there is a lot to draw from when scripting The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2, and the sequel has the potential to give some screen time to these cherished derivative series.

Illumination and Nintendo’s first feature film collaboration was one of the most discussed movies of 2023, with The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s box office triumphs proving that the iconic plumber has etched a mark for himself on the big screen. Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, these triumphs have made a sequel nearly inevitable, with the end of the first film even teasing The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2. Due to no official confirmation existing, almost no details are known about the sequel, meaning that there is still time to incorporate these 10 derivative games.


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Mario Kart is just one of many Mario sports derivative games that exist, with the Mario Tennis series being another prominent one. As the title implies, the Mario Tennis games simply see characters from Mario playing tennis against each other, often on Mario-themed courts while utilizing wacky power-ups. Although Mario Tennis probably wouldn’t be part of The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2‘s main story, having the characters get a quick match in would be a fantastic way to homage the beloved series.

10 Mario Party

Outside of Mario Kart, the most well-known derivative of Nintendo’s beloved franchise is Mario Party. The Mario Party games defined the party video game genre, with players rolling dice and moving characters around a board while competing in minigames after each turn. This gameplay formula could easily be translated into the story of The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2, with it also working as a fantastic excuse to bring Mario and his friends together for another grand adventure.

9 Yoshi’s Island

New Yoshi's Island video game official art.

The Yoshi’s Island series of games is a critically acclaimed platformer derivative that gives the titular green dinosaur his own time in the spotlight, and the lore of Yoshi’s Island will more than likely be implemented into The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2. The Super Mario Bros. Movie‘s post-credits scene revealed a Yoshi egg residing in the sewers of Brooklyn, meaning that Yoshi may have a major presence in the sequel. This focus on Yoshi would mean that his Yoshi’s Island backstory will probably appear in the film, making this derivative integral to the sequel.

8 Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi's Mansion Ghosts

If The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2 wants to give audiences a break from Mario and Luigi’s adventures, taking a page from the Wario Land

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