In Memory of Dag Hammarsköld

With the latest opening of the Dag Hammarsköld case ( I feel urged to share of few pictures and thoughts on the Dag Hammarsköld Memorial just outside of Ndola, a stone throw from my former home.

While living in Zambia all our Swedish visitors were obliged to visit the site. I have been there not less than 10 times. It’s a mystical spot, a small building surrounded by massive eucalyptus trees and always this soft, gentle wind.

The guide became a familiar face welcoming me back with each visit. With each visit he had a new story to tell. He spoke of people that somehow new something more about the event. A letter. A  picture. Web pages. He spoke passionately about the place and events.

I often felt overwhelmed when I visited. A chill would run through my spine. A sense of helplessness. A huge set back in the struggle towards peace in Africa.

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