National Geographic Newswatch have captured Tribal Textiles upcycling story.  Amazing Bag by Zambia’s Tribal Textiles Turns Used Sacks Into Fashion.

Founder and director of Tribal Textiles, Gillie Lightfoot, wanted to give something back to the local community of Mfuwe, on the outskirts of South Luangwa National Park. Seeing how many “mealie” sacks were being discarded, Gillie got in touch with the Zambian National Milling Corporation, who were desperate to dispose of their leftover bags. Gillie and her team are now creatively transforming these used sacks into eye-catching bags, purses, and pencil cases. All of the profits from these one-of-a-kind bags go directly to local charity Project Luangwa to help educate children in the Luangwa Valley


A selction of  Tribal Textiles bags, cushion covers, table runners and wall hangings in the  Tribal Art, Fire Range at SavannaHome.


For those who Dare.

För de som vågar.


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