African Art

This month south african artist Vusi Mfupi The Paper Boy was featured by Caroline Kaminju on African Colours. AfricanColours is a privately funded organisation engaged in the promotion of African Contemporary Artists and dissemination of Contemporary African art news on the internet.

Young, focused, talented, passionate, successful and dedicated, are some of the adjectives Mbogeni Buthelezi, a plastic collage artist and former art teacher uses to describe his student Vusi Mfupi. Read more on this talented artist at AfricanColours – Vusi Mfupi The Paper Boy.

Vusi Mfupi is a South Afrcan artist, a story teller who uses his collages to depict the daily lives of ordinary people. ‘In my work I look at social aspects of life most of which are very simple,’ he says. ‘I am a very simple person and I want people to relate with my work without any complication. When they read into my art, it’s like a child reading a book’.

Jozi By Vusi Mfupi

Jozi By Vusi Mfupi

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