Understanding our Core Value.

I will include this into the business model section as I feel that this is a starting point to developing your social business or your inclusive business model.

A core value is the  principle that guides how we work and our relationship with the world around us. It also guide our relationship with the external world. Understanding your business core value will engage and motivate you to continue what you started out to do.

As a business that is out to make social positive impact for small businesses in Africa and in particular women I soon realised that only setting targets in monetary terms or in sales statistics, did not engage me. I read this inspiring article on how to design for real impact by the Unreasonable Institute where these 3 points were underlined.

  1. Know your mission
  2. Measure the right thing
  3. Measure it well

So what is the Yawama of Sweden core value?

  • Our core value is to create good job opportunities for women in Southern Africa.
  • Our Vision is to create unique soft toys and interior details for children and adults by amalgamating swedish design with african craftsmanship.
  • We measure the number of women knitting, crocheting and sewing our handmade products.

We have incorporated our core value into our Mission Statement. This acts as our corner-stone, our compass our motivational factor.

So what drives you?

Core Value



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