A pink children’s room

Sugar and Spice and all things nice.

This beautiful bedroom has been styled and photographed by renowned DIY expert Wimke Tolmsa in the Netherlands. Yawama eco-friendly knitted cow adds a touch of  subtle pink to the pastel pink and purple accents that compliment this white children’s room. Do your kids love princess themes, fairy tales and enjoys tea parties then here you are to find some great inspiration for little details that would add some pink flavour to your children’s bedroom.

Pink details and hand-knitted cow in Girls bedroom

Pink details and hand-knitted cow in Girls bedroom

Take note of the pink wax plastic table-cloth to avoid nasty stains, pink tiaras, the lace curtains, shades of pastel paper lampshades, tea party cups and plates with and a tiny pink birdcage.


Yawama eco friendly knitted toy



Pink and purple details in a children’s room



Toy tea party for children



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