Farewell Norrbyskär

I am saying my official goodbyes to my role heading the museum on this magnificent island of Norrbyskär.

I am truly grateful to have been entrusted to manage this important cultural heritage that is a symbolic cornerstone in the welfare state the we enjoy in Sweden today. The saw-milling era at its prime in the 20s – 50s brought with it major changes- productivity, job creation, export opportunities and economic gain.

Every journey one embarks upon will leave a trail. This one is mine.

I have learned to appreciate even more so the benefits previous generations have paid the price for -controlled working hours and conditions, more favourable womens rights, childrens right to an education and controlled use of chemicals in industry.

I have explored cultural avenues that I would have never dreamed of taking.

I have stood before crowds of visitors and taken tours in a language that is not my mother tongue.

I have made friends from all walks of life.

I have worked hard.

I have laughed.

I have cried.

A little piece of Norrbyskär always in my heart.

I move on to continue working with women in Zambia with the vision of making a difference in their lives through Yawama of Sweden.

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I was raised on a farm in Zambia. My Dad comes from Kalix in Sweden and my mother from what used to be a small village outside of Lusaka. I first moved to Sweden to study business. My experience and lessons learned today are from international business and development work primarily in Southern Africa but also from my passion for Africa, its people and vast craftsmanship.

1 thought on “Farewell Norrbyskär

  1. Bless you Nicola for all the work and enthusism you have put into the museum. What a blessing to have been a part of. Now they need to add your story to theirs. You have enchriched their history too. A son of Norrland left to educate others in a world far away. His daughther came back to educate and remind us of part of Norrlands history. Good luck with your adventures in life. We trust in you and are right behind cheering away. Heja! Heja!

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