Hello March!

January and February just flew right by with Yawama of Sweden positioning ourselves as a distributor. It has been lots of hard work and we have had to look at new ways of marketing.  In the online store, we can easily tell stories about each character and we wanted to make sure that our creatures in stores would still carry the descriptions – so new labels had to be made. We decided to go with a new warmer brand colour and we have made new marketing material. Exhibition material, lighting, podiums had to be considered, and of course, our lucky mascot our large elephant Insofu had to be made and dragged with me to every trade fair.


Liana knitting Insofu.


What an exciting time with trade fairs in both Stockholm and Holland and numerous visits to toys shops, museums, interior stores and gift stores.IMGP3446IMGP3506

We are so glad to be enriched not only by this new marketing experience but by all the new friends we have made and the new stores that are now carrying our brand.

Our creatures can now be found at the following stores in Sweden.

Levareko Kalmar

Calle Kanin Skellefteå

Sogolikating Umeå

Marias Blommor Umeå

Minimi Umeå

Ting o tanke Falkenberg

Svenska presenter Valdermarsvik

Q4 Dalsjöfors

Signerat Örsnköldsvik

Makaroom Linköping

Hemma i Stavsjö Hemma i Stavsjö

We will soon also be in Germany and in Holland and have negotiations underway in so many other exciting stores!











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I was raised on a farm in Zambia. My Dad comes from Kalix in Sweden and my mother from what used to be a small village outside of Lusaka. I first moved to Sweden to study business. My experience and lessons learned today are from international business and development work primarily in Southern Africa but also from my passion for Africa, its people and vast craftsmanship.

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