2024 Tech Predictions from IT Leaders

What technology trends can we anticipate to have an impact in 2024? Nobody understands the solution to that better than those currently working in technology — they are the individuals striving to advance technology in their designated areas.

The team at ITPro Today has collected hundreds of forecasts from IT leaders and industry insiders that organizations should consider prior to making any significant technological decisions — as many of these contributors are actively involved in tech at the grassroots level.

Expect forecasts on topics that have already been released as part of ITPro Today’s 2024 prediction series:

Discover more forecasts from IT leaders and industry insiders on the following technology areas:

Anticipated Developments in the Tech Industry

Simple Is Better When It Comes to Storage

Chief technology officers and product teams will continue the process of simplifying their storage infrastructure — prioritizing flash and object with fewer systems from various vendors. — Skip Levens, Media and Entertainment Marketing Director, Quantum

Reimagining Data and Data Storage Strategies

Data is everywhere, and, as a result, companies must completely rethink the underlying infrastructure. Expect a new approach to sourcing, securing, transferring, and ensuring governance and compliance of large-scale datasets necessary for future AI/ML applications.Kevin Cochrane, CMO, Vultr

Resurgence of On-Prem Storage

Companies, including Dell, have made significant investments in their EMC portfolio. It’s expected that enterprise customers will continue to recognize the enhancement of on-premises storage hardware as the faster path to mitigate escalating cloud expenses.

Shift in Storage for AI Platform

Anticipate a movement towards commoditized storage in 2024, optimized for cost-efficient scalability, amidst the growth of AI workloads. This shift will allow more organizations to handle data-intensive workloads using cost-effective solutions. — Haoyuan Li, Founder and CEO, Alluxio

Predicted Scenarios for Observability in 2024

Ascending Importance of Observability

Expect observability to rise in significance for businesses as AI and emerging technologies further unlock its potential. A combination of observability and Unified SASE will provide comprehensive analytics for proactive network performance and security. Renuka Nadkarni, Chief Product Officer, Aryaka

Expansion of Observability and Its Trajectory

Observability will continue to evolve into a consolidated and expansive market, reflecting the pattern of many enterprise software segments. We anticipate increased M&A activity and funding of observability startups as well as the recognition of observability as a data problem.Jeremy Burton, CEO, Observe

New Productivity Improvements in Observability

It will become apparent to almost everyone that LLMs/GPT deliver meaningful productivity improvements in observability. At the same time, AIOps will continue to fall out of favor as those implementing it realize that the promised benefits just aren’t there.Jeremy Burton, CEO, Observe

Impact of AI on Data Observability Vendors

Expect a rapid increase in enterprise investment in AI and LLM technologies in 2024, creating a greater need for data observability to validate data feeding AI initiatives is accurate and complete.Kyle Kirwan, co-founder and CEO, Bigeye

Predictions for the Quantum Computing Industry in 2024

Advancing Quantum Computing Security Strategies

With the rapid progression of quantum computing and associated cybersecurity risks, there will be a heightened focus on quantum-resistant cryptography and the standardization of PQC algorithms.Dr. Torsten Staab, Principal Technical Fellow, Raytheon, an RTX business

Risks of Neglecting ‘Early Quantum Adoption’

New and powerful technologies such as quantum computing present vast unknowns that challenge the security industry to be early adopters of defensive protocols against quantum in 2024. — Jaya Baloo, CSO, Rapid7

Usable Quantum Computers in 2024

We are still a long way off from having usable quantum computers in 2024. Without significant breakthroughs, the development of quantum computers will remain a challenge.Mike Loukides, Vice President of Emerging Tech Content, O’Reilly Media

Foreseen Developments in Sustainability in 2024

Impact of Digital Product Passport on Sustainability

Expect the new “Digital Product Passport” to provide information about products’ environmental sustainability, allowing consumers and businesses to make informed choices when purchasing products.

Digital Transformation for Improved Oil & Gas Compliance

Digital transformation in the oil and gas industry will integrate sustainability into core business operations, enhancing environmental credentials and transparency.Alexandra Gajewski, SVP of International Products and Energy Transition, Quorum Software

Strategic Battery Replacements to Reduce E-Waste

Businesses will reduce e-waste by only replacing batteries for devices that actually need to be replaced.Shash Anand, SVP of Product Strategy, SOTI

Bridge the Climate Reporting Gap

Expect financial leaders to prioritize technology that supports united data views across all teams to centralize and analyze greenhouse gas emissions data and reduce the environmental impact.Bill Harter, Principal Solutions Advisor, Visual Lease

Sustainability as the New Efficiency Driver

The pursuit of environmentally friendly products will ultimately drive revenue growth, efficiency, and sustainable profit growth.Dario Ambrosini, CMO, Propel Software

Forecasted Scenarios in IT Operations & Management

Significant Progress in AIOps Expected in 2024

Expect notable progress and investments in the AIOps space in 2024, despite it being more of a goal state than a current reality for most companies.

AI as the Biggest Use Case for Cloud Networking in 2024

AIOps will be the dominant use case for AI in the networking space, particularly for anomaly detection and quick root cause identification. — Amir Khan, co-founder and CEO, and Atif Khan, co-founder and CTO, Alkira

Tool Sprawl to Become Obsolete

Companies are likely to move away from an extensive number of IT tools, favoring a “best of suite” approach to manageability, efficiency, and security. — Jaya Baloo, CSO, Rapid7

Digital Twins to Enhance IT Network Efficiency

Digital twins will play an essential role in predictive maintenance, network and systems design, and capacity planning to improve efficiency and reduce costs. — Srinivasa Raghavan, Director of Product Management, ManageEngine

Digital Experience Monitoring for Enhanced Online Experiences

Digital experience monitoring (DEM) will be crucial for businesses to optimize user interfaces and enhance customer satisfaction and retention. — Srinivasa Raghavan, Director of Product Management, ManageEngine

Focus on Value Creation by IT Leaders

IT leaders will prioritize adding value for customers and remaining competitive by exploring new and innovative technologies while streamlining their IT toolkit to achieve their desired customer outcomes.Jeremy Rafuse, VP and Head of Digital Workplace and IT, GoTo

Compute Power’s Growing Significance

Expect an even greater innovation and adoption of technologies to enhance compute efficiency and scale capacity as AI workloads continue to surge. The use of specialized AI hardware will also become more accessible in 2024.— Haoyuan Li, Founder and CEO, Alluxio

Emphasis on Platform Integration and Value Creation

Companies will prioritize moving away from a multitude of point solutions to a platform approach, integrating their offerings to demonstrate a stronger connection between their products and ROI.Rex Ahlstrom, CTO and VP of Innovation and Growth, Syniti

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