3 AI Stocks That Could Be the Next Candidates for Stock Splits

This article talks about the investing trends on Wall Street over the past three decades where multiple new trends caught the attention of investors. Currently, nothing is seizing the interest of professional and everyday investors like artificial intelligence (AI).

AI, which involves the use of software and systems to oversee tasks customarily overseen by humans, has application across nearly every sector and industry. This is likely why the analysts at PwC believe AI has the potential to add $15.7 trillion to global gross domestic product by 2030.

Nvidia has served as the infrastructure backbone of the AI revolution over the past year and has been the forerunner among artificial intelligence stocks. With shares of Nvidia nearly quadrupling in value since 2023 began, the company has made extraordinary gains due to AI. Given such growth, the possibility of a stock split may look all the more enticing for Nvidia.

However, Nvidia isn’t the only high-flying AI or AI-related stock that appears primed for a potential stock split. Following are three AI companies that could surpass this GPU juggernaut to become Wall Street’s next stock-split stocks.

The first AI-related stock that could surpass Nvidia and become a stock-split stock is social media powerhouse Meta Platforms. Meta is using AI in various ways across its multiple products. In addition to aiding in search and monitoring noncompliant posts made on its social media platforms, it’s heavily leaning on generative AI to help businesses tailor their ads to users.

Another AI-fueled company that could potentially become Wall Street’s next stock-split stock is server and storage-solutions specialist Super Micro Computer. Since Super Micro relies on Nvidia’s GPUs, it’s at the mercy of its suppliers. But if Super Micro can somehow meet or surpass Wall Street’s expectations of growth, a stock split could well be in the cards for them.

The third AI stock that could surpass Nvidia and become one of Wall Street’s next stock-split stocks is semiconductor giant Broadcom. Broadcom is integrating AI inclusion in several ways and is generating a sizeable portion of its revenue from wireless chips and accessories used in smartphones. With one of the highest nominal-dollar share prices on Wall Street, Broadcom is a logical candidate to split its stock.

This article was originally published by The Motley Fool.

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