5 ways Google Play Store can enhance user experience

One of the most crucial applications on our Android devices is the Google Play Store. It serves as a vibrant hub of the Android ecosystem that acts as an open marketplace for applications and games, both exceptional and subpar. Hence, you might assume that such a pivotal service would be maintained in good rapport with its users and developers, ensuring that developers and users remain content and involved, making the decline of the Play Store even more evident. Google has allowed the service to slide into numerous unfavorable practices, from a lack of quality regulation to the aggressive use of advertisements, resulting in a nightmare user experience.

1 We require superior app quality control

Cease endorsing mediocre apps

App quality control is a prominent concern on most digital storefronts, but it has reached egregious levels on the Play Store. From imitation products to recycled content, you’ll find a plethora of subpar applications and games occupying valuable real estate on Google’s storefront, flaunting an unsung seal of approval through their sheer presence and abundance. The vast majority of these apps feature rudimentary gameplay and loops intended to drive ad revenue, a problematic practice that tarnishes the reputation of the mobile gaming platform. It’s no surprise that Google eliminated the “new apps” section on the Play Store, as it was consistently flooded with garbage, underscoring one of the storefront’s most glaring flaws – the absence of any discernible quality control.

2 Diminish the advertisements

Google must rein it in

Everyone is aware of Google’s advertising dilemma, with many of its complimentary services suffering from an excess of advertisements that clutter the user experience and render navigation arduous. Regrettably, the Play Store is not immune to this issue, and we’re not referring to intrusive ads within non-Google apps. Google cannot dictate how developers choose to incorporate their advertisements, after all. The primary concern lies with the ads that surface when viewing search results and downloading apps (the ads directly generating revenue for Google). Once upon a time, these ads were conspicuous and easy to disregard, but over time, they have become more subtle and irritating. There is also a constant stream of sponsored apps that appear, creating a cluttered user experience.

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