82 Trophies Revealed for Tomb Raider 3 Remastered

Below are all 82 awards in Tomb Raider 3 Remastered – Caution, spoilers ahead.

NOTE: The PlayStation 5 version doesn’t have a Platinum Trophy, while the PlayStation 4 does.


  • The Journey of Lara Croft – Secure all awards in Tomb Raider III

SILVER (10):

  • Defeating Krishna – Defeat Tony utilizing grenade launcher (on New Game)
  • Through the Sides – Reach the cannibal village without the Smuggler’s key, but with the Serpent Stones
  • In the Vanguard – Infiltrate the cannibal village using Smuggler’s key, not Serpent Stones
  • Not Much, but Pleasant – Claim your prize in the cave with deadly funnel
  • Masking Death – Conquer Puna without killing any oras
  • Last-Minute Capture – Enter the maintenance room before the Damned does
  • Crystals Last Forever – Collect all 95 crystals in one playthrough
  • Struggles Are Intensifying – Complete the game on New Game+
  • Extremely Tough Boiled – Finish the game using only Lara’s pistols

BRONZE (71):

  • Infada Stone – Finish India segment
  • Element 115 – Conclude Nevada segment
  • Ora Dragger – Complete South Pacific segment
  • The Eye of Isis – Finalize London segment
  • This Area Has a Busy History – Complete the Antarctica segment
  • All Hallows – Conclude the bonus level
  • India Codex – Gather all secrets in India levels
  • Nevada Codex – Obtain all secrets in Nevada levels
  • Polynesia Codex – Access all secrets in South Pacific levels
  • England Codex – Acquire all secrets in London levels

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