ADP Assist brings AI upgrade to Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) has been the punchline of many jokes in mainstream media (see Toby from “The Office” on NBC), and has generally been perceived by employees as an irritating critic they get sent to for telling impolite jokes; as the softer facade of the company’s more outwardly amoral (or immoral) top brass; or, in the best case scenario, the final sanctuary for employees dealing with workplace toxicity from managers or colleagues.

However, the demands on HR professionals are steadily rising, particularly at a time when the workforce has become more divided and widely dispersed than ever before. HR and employee benefits software systems provider ADP (formerly known as Automatic Data Processing) believes generative AI can aid HR during this period of upheaval and heightened demands and is introducing a new tool, ADP Assist, to do just that.

A new kind of HR chatbot

ADP Assist is a new chatbot assistant rolling out to select ADP customers — and eventually to all customers — that HR managers can utilize to assist in answering common questions and identifying potential issues.

It is also designed to help reduce some of the incoming, repetitive and tiresome questions they receive from employees.

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