AI-Generated Robocall Mimicking Biden’s Voice Targets New Hampshire Voters in Alleged Effort to Suppress Turnout

The attorney general of New Hampshire’s office is carrying out an investigation into reports of a robocall that utilized artificial intelligence to imitate President Joe Biden’s voice and urge voters in the state to abstain from arriving at the polls during Tuesday’s primary election.

According to Attorney General John Formella, the recorded message, transmitted to multiple voters on Sunday, seems like an unlawful attempt to cause chaos and repress voting. He advised voters to “ignore the contents of this message completely.”

The Associated Press reviewed a recording of the call, which produces a voice similar to Biden’s and incorporates his frequently used expression, “What a bunch of malarkey.” Subsequently, it tells the listener to “save your vote for the November election.”

This single deceptive AI attempt is an example of advancing technology used in voter suppression, with experts warning that it will lead to 2024 being a year with an unprecedented amount of election disinformation worldwide.

The ever-improving generative AI technology is being used to manipulate elections, causing concern within the federal government and raising the issue of whether the intent is to suppress voting or to simply disrupt the faith in democracy.

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