Anticipating the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: Our Wishlist

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 is expected to arrive later this year – most likely in conjunction with a Galaxy Watch 7 Pro or a Galaxy Watch 7 Classic – and these wearables have the potential to become the best smartwatches of the year.

Undoubtedly, they are the most likely to concern Apple and its upcoming Apple Watch 10, as they are expected to be similarly high-end and packed with health and fitness features.

We haven’t received much information about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 line yet, but you’ll find all the trustworthy leaks and rumors below, along with an informed estimate of when these watches will be launched, and then a wishlist of what we most desire from them.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The upcoming Samsung smartwatch
  • When is it out? Probably in August
  • How much will it cost? Likely starting at $299.99 / £289 / AU$549

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: anticipated release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (Image credit: Future)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 was revealed in late July last year and was available in mid-August, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 was unveiled in mid-August the previous year and released in late August, just like the Galaxy Watch 4 the year before that.

So, based on past patterns, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 will almost certainly be launched in August, and will most likely be announced in either August or late July.

In either case, it will probably be introduced at the same event as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, as that is the typical timeframe.

There is currently no information on the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, but the Galaxy Watch 6 starts at $299.99 / £289 / AU$549. Therefore, we anticipate that the Galaxy Watch 7 will cost at least that much, with prices increasing for larger sizes or LTE.

We will likely also see a Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro or Watch 7 Classic with a price tag of at least as much as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, amounting to over $399.99 / £369 / AU$699.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: news and leaks

There are not many Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 leaks yet, but according to the South Korean site New Daily, this wearable will come with a new 3nm (nanometer) chipset.

Smaller numbers are preferable in this case, and for comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 uses a 5nm chipset. Interestingly, even the Samsung Galaxy S24 line only uses 4nm chipsets, so in a sense, that would mean the Galaxy Watch 7 could surpass Samsung’s top phones.

That does not necessarily mean it will be more powerful, as the chipsets used in wearables are inherently less powerful than smartphone chipsets, but it could result in a significant power upgrade compared to the Galaxy Watch 6, as well as potentially being more power efficient, leading to better battery life.

In addition, PCMag reports that Samsung is expected to release new Pro and Classic models in alternating years. Therefore, since we got a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic model last year, we will likely see a Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Pro this year, alongside the standard version.

This Pro model will probably lack the rotating bezel of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic but may cater more towards outdoor enthusiasts, with a potentially larger battery, a rugged build, and outdoor-focused features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7: what we hope to see

Although we do not yet know much about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, we have a wishlist for it, including the following things.

1. Enhanced battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic do not have poor battery life, but neither model consistently lasts much beyond a day, so they still require fairly frequent charging. Therefore, for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, we would like to see an improvement in battery life. This may be challenging since space for a larger battery is limited, but Samsung could enhance the efficiency of the device, especially if it has a new chipset as rumored.

2. Compatibility with all Android phones

Technically, you can use a Galaxy Watch with almost any Android phone, but some features require a Samsung phone. These include the ECG and blood pressure monitoring, so you miss out on some of the more advanced health features of the wearable. It’s not very consumer-friendly, so we would like for every feature of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 to be supported by every recent Android phone.

3. Inclusion of a rotating bezel on at least one model

One of our favorite Galaxy Watch features is the rotating bezel that you get on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. It feels much nicer to use than a digital bezel, and it looks good too. We hope that whatever Galaxy Watch 7 models there are, at least one of them has a rotating bezel.

4. Availability of both Pro and Classic options

On a similar note, we would like to see both a Galaxy Watch 7 Classic and a Galaxy Watch 7 Pro. That way, not only is a rotating bezel all but guaranteed, there is also a more outdoorsy option in the Pro for those who value that over the classy yet chunky stylings of the Classic model. The Pro and Classic lines cater to different people and different use cases, so getting a new version of both would be desirable.

5. Increased storage capacity

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, you get just 16GB of storage, while rival devices like the Google Pixel Watch 2 come with double that at 32GB, and the Apple Watch 9 comes with 64GB. We would like to see at least 32GB of storage in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7.

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