Apex Legends’ 5th Anniversary Collection Event Offers Players Heirloom Shards and Free Event Packs as Rewards

GameSpot may earn money from partner affiliations and advertising by sharing this content and through purchases made via links. Apex Legends Season 20: Breakout is currently underway, and Respawn is starting the celebratory season with the new 5th Anniversary Collection Event. The new Collection Event is packed with gifts for players to enjoy, even though it’s the game’s birthday.

The 5th Anniversary Collection Event showcases 24 new premium cosmetics for players to browse. Instead of a specific Heirloom Weapon or Prestige Skin, players who unlock all 24 event cosmetics will receive a set of 150 Heirloom Shards, allowing them to choose from any of the items currently available in the Mythic Store. Additionally, the new Collection Event includes a reward track with two free Event Packs, so players only need to unlock 22 cosmetics to receive their Heirloom Shards.

When it comes to free loot, players are likely to be satisfied with the 5th Anniversary Collection Event’s offerings. Apex’s free reward tracks can occasionally be lackluster, but the cosmetics included in the free reward track were designed or inspired by players themselves! Additionally, completing the reward track will earn players two 5th Anniversary Event Packs, making the Heirloom Shards more attainable. Items in the free reward track can be obtained by collecting Event Points (EP), which are earned by completing challenges from the “Event Challenges” tab located on the upper-right side of the main lobby screen.

Each item included in the 5th Anniversary Collection Event’s free reward track, along with the necessary EP to unlock them, is listed below:

– 250 EP: 5th Anniversary universal banner badge
– 500 EP: Year 5 Anniversary transition screen by Yamadapan, 1 Apex Pack (Rare)
– 750 EP: Cute & Deadly universal banner frame (Epic), 1 Apex Pack (Rare)
– 1,000 EP: Flurry Fury Prowler SMG weapon skin (Epic)
– 1,250 EP: Career Apex Kills stat tracker, Career Apex Wins stat tracker (Rare)
– 1,500 EP: 1 Apex Pack, Career Apex Allies Revived Stat Tracker (Rare)
– 2,000 EP: Lightning Aura R-99 weapon skin (Epic), 50 Crafting Metals (Rare)
– 2,500 EP: Nightwatch universal banner frame, Ursa Major Ballistic Legend skin (Epic)
– 3,000 EP: Cutie Claw universal banner frame (Epic), 1 Apex Pack (Rare)
– 3,500 EP: Cute Overload universal banner frame, 1 5th Anniversary Event Pack (Epic)
– 4,000 EP: Eternal Rebirth Bloodhound Legend skin (Epic), 1 Apex Pack (Rare)
– 5,000 EP: 1 5th Anniversary Event Pack (Epic)

The event’s free rewards are epic in every sense, with numerous high-quality rewards for players to enjoy. In addition to all the cosmetics, players who complete the free reward track will earn the following:

– 5 Rare-tier Apex Packs
– 2 Epic-tier 5th Anniversary Event Packs
– 50 Crafting Metals

As for premium cosmetics in the 5th Anniversary Collection, a total of 24 cosmetic items are available to purchase directly with Apex Coins, craft with Crafting Metals, or obtain by opening Event Packs. All items in the 5th Anniversary Collection are listed below, along with their prices.

Epic-tier items (available for 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals):
– Ready Set Ghoul Octane Legend skin
– Death Moon Seer Legend skin
– Soulless Huntress Vantage Legend skin
– Blood Gripped EVA-8 weapon skin
– Blood Revolution Devotion weapon skin
– Plasmatic Precision Charge Rifle weapon skin
– Ritual Ascension Catalyst banner frame
– Summoning Fury Crypto banner frame
– Cosmic Horror Horizon banner frame
– Dusk Descent Loba banner frame
– Final Farewell Rampart banner frame
– Gothic Gateway Wraith banner frame

Legendary-tier items (available for 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals):
– Void’s Vassal Wraith Legend skin
– Darkwatcher Crypto Legend skin
– Hellforger Rampart Legend skin
– Hell’s Bane Loba Legend skin
– Crimson Goddess Catalyst Legend skin
– Brood Anomaly Horizon Legend skin
– Exsanguinator R-99 weapon skin
– Blood Bolt Longbow weapon skin
– Sanguine Sidearm Wingman weapon skin
– Ethereal Heresy CAR SMG weapon skin
– Soul Devourerer Havoc weapon skin
– Blood Rage Rampage weapon skin

Players who collect all 24 premium cosmetics will also earn 150 Heirloom Shards, allowing them to unlock any Heirloom Weapon or Prestige Skin they desire. The most cost-effective way to obtain this elusive currency is by using Crafting Metals to craft as many of the event’s Epic-tier items as possible and then obtaining the remaining cosmetics by purchasing and opening Event Packs for 700 AC ($7 USD) each. Earning and opening the two Event Packs from the free reward tracks is essential to ensure players obtain the Heirloom Shards for 15,400 AC ($154 USD) at the most. Depending on how many items players can craft, they may be able to get it for an even lower price. Continue reading for a detailed look at each of the cosmetic items included in the event’s free reward track, premium cosmetic collection, and in-game store. The 5th Anniversary Collection Event ends on Tuesday, February 27, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, so be sure to craft or purchase your favorite cosmetics before they’re gone for good, and stay tuned for more Apex Legends news as Season 20: Breakout unfolds.

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