Apple Vision Pro Available for Purchase at Stores

Finally, the long-awaited day has arrived — you can purchase an Apple Vision Pro from either the online or physical Apple Store. While the early pre-orderers will soon receive their headsets, those who have waited for initial impressions and orders now have an opportunity to obtain one as well.

Hopefully, you’ve been saving up for the past eight months — after all, you’ll be shelling out at least $3,499 regardless of where you purchase your Apple Vision Pro. Of course, for that price, you’ll receive a remarkable piece of hardware, including more than an iPad’s worth of glass, aluminum, and cameras in the box, ready to be strapped to your face.

Now that it’s finally available for purchase, you likely still have some inquiries about the more intricate ordering process — and we have all the answers.

Where Can I Purchase Vision Pro?

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First and foremost, as far as we can determine, there is only one place where you can purchase the Vision Pro: The Apple Store, whether it’s a physical location or online. Stock is unlikely to last long, so you’ll need to act fast.

Can I Preorder Vision Pro Anywhere Else?

For the launch, it seems like the answer to that question is a definite ‘no’. However, there are valid reasons why Apple wants to keep it in-house, all related to ensuring the headset fits your face.

Why Exclusively at the Apple Store?

Apple Vision Pro first impressions

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Apple wants to guarantee that those purchasing a Vision Pro receive one that fits properly. It’s more than just putting it on your head and adjusting the strap. The device includes light seals around the sides to prevent any light from entering and disrupting the experience.

The Apple Store app features a function that uses your iPhone’s camera to scan your face and ensure the Vision Pro fits as well as possible. If you order online, you’ll be prompted to use a QR code to access the feature on your phone. You’ll then move your head around (similar to initializing FaceID) to allow the feature to determine the size of your light seals.

Apple wants to avoid customers haphazardly ordering headsets and then complaining when light seeps in, causing their Vision Pro to not function as expected. Ensuring that customers measure accurately will prevent this from happening.

If you’re concerned about making a mistake, you have the option of visiting a physical Apple Store to address the matter. An Apple Store employee can guide you through the process and ensure an accurate measurement. You can even schedule a visit to test the device beforehand, ensuring it’s a worthwhile investment.

Any Other Considerations When Ordering Vision Pro?

Vision Pro sensors

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There are a couple of additional things to consider. Do you wear glasses? If so, you’ll need your prescription to order Zeiss lens inserts for your headset. These will cost $150, so be sure to take that into account when making your purchase.

There are also reading options available for $99, so remember to consider those if you think you may need or want them.

How Can I Pay for My Apple Vision Pro?

When making a purchase at the Apple Store, all the usual payment options are available. You can choose the standard option of paying all at once, depleting the Vision Pro savings account you’ve set up.

There are also installment options available, and you can use your Apple Card for the purchase, allowing you to split the hefty price over a longer period — though it will involve a credit check.

Anything Else I Need to Keep in Mind?

Apple Care Plus. If there’s one thing you should purchase with all your Apple products, it’s Apple Care Plus. The Vision Pro won’t be cheap to repair, and Apple Care Plus will significantly reduce the cost of addressing any issues in the future. Purchase it when you preorder or when you pick it up in the store, and you won’t have to worry about a monthly payment. Apple Care+ is always a worthwhile investment, whether you believe you’ll be fine without it or not.

While the three-year coverage option may cost $499, it provides the ultimate peace of mind.


What does the Apple Vision Pro look like?

The Apple Vision Pro resembles other mixed-reality headsets on the market. It features a large glass panel on the front, a wide headband at the rear, and an additional battery box below to power the headset for approximately two hours.

How much does Apple Vision Pro cost?

The Vision Pro starts at $3,499 — a substantial amount, but considering its abundance of premium features, it makes sense.

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