Business Offers Alternative to Dating Apps for Singles

Adoration permeates the atmosphere and while some swipe for genuine love on the internet, others find that challenging. “Dating websites are a jest,” Kami Stanley remarked. “Regrettably, there was nothing available.”

Stanley began scouring the internet for in-person gatherings. “I was simply online seeking something for singles, and I stumbled upon,” Stanley stated. The Smitten Project was initiated in 2022, and Smitten Singles is a branch of that. Co-founder Shannon Snow stated that it allows subscribers to abandon the dating apps and meet in person. “We’re greatly concentrated on that real-life experience to discover and uphold love,” Snow expressed.

The yearning to establish a business assisting others arose from her own quest for love. “I had just found myself enduring a truly arduous time in my life as well as found myself single once more and resorted to the apps,” Snow divulged. She mentioned that her company enables singles to form legitimate connections with activities like speed dating. “It was a speed dating event, and I thought, ‘Oh well, I’ll give it a shot,'” Stanley disclosed. “That was quite enjoyable.”

It’s not only speed dating, though. “I would say we function in the midst of the apps and matchmaking,” Snow remarked. They also provide coaching that doesn’t necessitate clients to deplete their finances. “We offer some of those services in a deconstructed, bite-sized manner through our learning portal and personal coaching events,” Snow elaborated.

It appears to be effective. For Stanley, she remarked that in addition to seeking love, she has also developed friendships. “Dating apps, I feel like everybody’s evaluating everyone, so this is so much superior,” Stanley articulated. Christopher Campos pondered, “What is there to lose?”

“I just needed to partake in something to socialize and be sociable,” Campos expressed. “I had a long relationship, and it concluded, and this is just a good way to get out there.” Because the apps were ineffective. “You have to have a genuinely captivating profile to be genuinely considered. You have to have truly good pictures, appear active, seem like you have friends,” Campos conveyed. “It’s a lot of work. It’s almost like a job.”

His yearning to encounter people in person is what led him to Smitten Singles. Snow mentioned that they conducted research on what singles are seeking. “People require resources. It’s simply so arduous to locate the tools to be victorious in this mad, mad world of love,” Snow expressed. That’s what led the business to engage relationship coaches like Molly Connolly. “This is something to have resources for those that are saying I need help and can utilize a lot of different opportunities to get the relationship that they want,” Connolly uttered.

Her prices are reasonable for Smitten Singles, which is something Snow stated is part of their mission. “It could be a one-off dating strategy session, or it could be something like they want three months of coaching,” Connolly detailed. Connolly mentioned that dating has flipped on its head. “They’re also looking to get off the apps. This is something where, ‘I’ve been swiping for so long I’m not really getting that connection,'” Connolly expressed. “And they’re going to rush out do that first date, but now they’re are saying, ‘I really want to have an in-person experience.'” Campos concurs. “I think a lot more people than you think are out here struggling,” Campos articulated. The Smitten Project has services in Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines, with further plans to expand.

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