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We achieved it, individuals. The grand 150!

Canon Fodder officially commenced in September 2014, close to a full decade ago. It’s a feature that has taken on various forms over the years, but the mission statement as described in that very first issue has remained the same:

“We wished to take advantage of this chance to reflect specifically on the fiction, from the fifty-thousand-foot view to the far-reaching corners. The Halo story can be found on many fronts. It is all at once an epic space opera, but also a boots-on-the-ground character experience, and we want to continue to make the galaxy more accessible to fresh faces while rewarding the investment of fervent fans.”

And here we are, hitting the milestone of one-hundred-and-fifty issues… I think we should do some special things to celebrate that, don’t you?


How fortuitous that this milestone issue should just so happen to be releasing on the birthday of Halo Wars 2, almost like we must have planned it! Kicking off the celebrations for today, we have a new Waypoint Chronicle for you.

“May 2559. Having emerged into the unknown after twenty-eight years adrift in space, the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire find that new foes are not the only challenge they face on the enigmatic Ark—but the past they left behind.”


Of course, this wasn’t the only Waypoint Chronicle to release this month. Just a few short weeks ago, alongside the launch of the Spirit of Fire Operation in Halo Infinite, we released a short story that was more closely connected to the events of the original Halo Wars.

“2560. Adam Andrews, CEO of an interstellar corporation, ruminates upon the Covenant invasion of Arcadia—facing certain death, until the timely arrival of the UNSC Spirit of Fire.”


We are less than a week away from the release of Halo: Epitaph, the next novel by acclaimed author Kelly Gay, who has written some of the most beloved Halo stories in recent years—from the emotional journey of Rion Forge learning about her father’s sacrifice and Guilty Spark’s pursuit of redemption, to the plight of the survivors from the UNSC Infinity following the Banished ambush at Zeta Halo.

Epitaph will see the return of the Didact, who has found himself stripped of armor, might, and memory after being torn from the physical world after a destructive confrontation with the Master Chief.

Prior to the book’s release, we have created something of a “primer” for those who are looking to quickly catch up on the Didact’s story up to this point. His origins as a character from Halo 3’s Terminals, his trials and descent into madness detailed in the Forerunner Saga by the late legend of science fiction Greg Bear, and his reawakening in the modern galaxy experienced in Halo 4 and Halo: Escalation.

Collage of nine images showing the Didact's journey across Halo media, from the Forerunner Saga to Halo 4 and its Terminals, Halo: Escalation, and Halo: Epitaph

We have also released a preview of Epitaph’s first chapter, which you can read here on Halo Waypoint or listen to on YouTube.

Even if you’re someone who prefers holding a physical book, this is an audiobook you’re going to want to secure, as the entire thing is narrated by Keith Szarabajka himself—the voice and motion capture actor for the Didact in Halo 4.


Last year, alongside the release of Halo: Outcasts by Troy Denning, we gave players the Arbiter’s Guard armor coating in Halo Infinite for free, themed around the Swords of Sanghelios.

We’re doing the same once again for Epitaph.


While we’re on the subject of all things Forerunner, here’s another Canon Fodder #150 exclusive for you all: some new art of the senescent Ark by the one and only Espen Olsen Sætervik.

Before the commissioning of the final Halo Array, the original twelve Gyre installations were constructed by the greatest of the Master Builder’s forges.

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