Check out the latest weekly deals featuring iPad Air, Pixel 7 Pro, Galaxy Buds 2, and other great bargains!

Can you imagine a better method to kick off a lovely new season like spring with a bang than by purchasing a new smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or earbuds at a significant discount? We definitely cannot, especially after searching the web to compile another extensive list of tech deals for the end of the week that includes several exceptional products.

Although major shopping events like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day, as well as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are now behind us, some of the highly appealing promotions we will discuss in the following lines are either completely unheard of or very uncommon.

Therefore, we strongly recommend taking a few minutes to carefully plan your budget for the rest of the month or even the entire season, and contemplating whether it might be the right time to invest in a new gadget.

Here are our top three deals of the week

Let’s be honest, all three of these products are quite old to be the highlight of many 2024 shopping lists. However, the discounts they are currently available at make Apple’s latest iPad Air, Samsung’s latest non-Pro Galaxy Buds, and Google’s second-best Pro handset incredibly appealing.
Launched in 2022, the fifth-gen iPad Air remains one of the top tablets available, especially with a significant $150 discount in the base configuration. The Galaxy Buds 2 from 2021 are now more affordable than ever while offering impressive noise-canceling features comparable to wireless earbuds from 2022 and 2023.
Last but not least, the Pixel 7 Pro from 2022 may not be as advanced as the Pixel 8 Pro, but it is currently available at a substantial $300 discount for a limited time with no strings attached.

These other smartphone deals are also quite remarkable

Samsung’s latest ultra-affordable 5G smartphones are now even more budget-friendly. Before choosing between the entry-level Galaxy A15 and the slightly more advanced Galaxy A25 5G, consider the Motorola Edge (2022) which offers a great deal at a surprisingly low price.
Alternatively, the mid-range Motorola Edge (2023) is available at a slightly higher but still tempting price after a $250 discount, while the Motorola Razr (2023) is the best affordable foldable option, now $200 below its regular price.
While high-end foldable devices are more expensive, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 offers promotional e-store credit since it is no longer discounted at retailers like Amazon. Alternatively, consider the book-style OnePlus Open flagship to save $200.

And how about these tablet bargains?

Can a $999.99 tablet be considered a bargain? Absolutely, if it includes a productivity-enhancing keyboard, 16GB RAM, and an Intel Core i5 processor. The fourth-gen Lenovo Tab M8 and the 11-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus are also great bargains at their current discounts.

While the specifications of the two tablets may not be extraordinary, the Tab A9+ offers a large display and a Snapdragon processor, making it an excellent budget-friendly choice for Android tablet enthusiasts.

Here are some steals on smartwatches to welcome spring!

The half-off Fossil Gen 6 is a great deal, despite the fact that Fossil is exiting the smartwatch industry. For long-term software support, consider the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro or Galaxy Watch 6, both running Wear OS and guaranteed to receive updates for years to come.

The Galaxy Watch 6, being the newer model, will likely have longer support than its predecessor, the titanium-made Galaxy Watch 6, perfect for an active lifestyle. The choice is yours!

Deeply discounted earbuds for all budgets

If you’re not interested in the Galaxy Buds 2, consider the Soundcore Space A40 at an even lower price with a rare 47% discount, the Studio Buds for both Android and iPhone users, or the discounted Jabra Elite 8 Active and AirPods Pro 2 for more discerning buyers.
Apple’s AirPods Pro 2, with a new USB-C case, are highly recommended by millions worldwide, while the Elite 8 Active are designed for intense workouts and harsh environments.

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