Check out the latest weekly deals on popular smartphones like Galaxy S24 Ultra, OnePlus 12, and more top sellers at discounted prices

Following Samsung’s grand Galaxy S24 series announcement event just over a week ago and the long overdue worldwide launch of the OnePlus 12 this week, we can confidently say that 2024 has begun in earnest for the mobile industry as a whole.

That also indicates that it’s time to finally move away from the 2023 holiday shopping mindset and enter an entirely new age of mobile tech deals highlighted by the two aforementioned next-generation Android super-flagships.

It’s still too early in the year to compile a list of bargains and steals consisting entirely of 2024-released devices. Because they’re so fresh and so cool, the likes of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and OnePlus 12 are not yet discounted deeply enough to earn those labels. However, saving any money on arguably the best phones out there right now will feel like an irresistible offer for many early adopters, while others can take advantage of a variety of affordable alternatives and nice companion devices.

These are the top three deals of this week

If you want to pre-order the S Pen-toting Galaxy S24 Ultra behemoth before it actually begins shipping next week with its slightly smaller and humbler siblings, then absolutely, as this introductory promotion is likely to disappear in just a few days and not return (at least for a while), offering a 512GB storage variant for the price of an entry-level 256GB configuration and a complimentary $200 Amazon gift card.
Alternatively, you could take advantage of a strangely similar OnePlus 12 pre-order deal that helps digital hoarders save $100 with no strings attached while also providing an additional $100 discount for any phone traded in (even a non-smart and damaged one) and naturally increasing that price cut significantly for people willing to part with something valuable… and functional.
The Motorola Edge (2022) is a completely different story, with its advanced age and non-flagship specifications, but at a new record low price, the 6.6-inch mid-ranger is pretty much impossible to resist… as long as you don’t have to possess a new state-of-the-art smartphone.

These other smartphone discounts are also very appealing

It’s hard to imagine a sweeter deal for a security-conscious business user than a robust and decidedly feature-packed Motorola ThinkPhone at $300 under its regular price… despite the fact that the identical handset has been discounted even more in the recent past.
The same can’t be said about the mid-range Motorola Razr (2023) and high-end OnePlus Open foldables, both on sale at their lowest ever prices… again on Amazon, while the Galaxy S24 Plus and OnePlus 12R non-foldables are obviously too new to have previously received a deeper discount.

Technically, the hot new OnePlus 12R is not available at a special price, but $499.99 already feels pretty “special” for such a super-powerful and premium-looking device, and on top of that, you can save a cool $100 with any and all trade-ins for a limited time.

Check out these amazing tablet deals for all budgets and users!

Do you only have around $100 to spend on a new Android tablet with… not-too-bad specs and a reasonably high-quality construction? Then you’re facing a pretty tough decision between a more compact Lenovo device with full Play Store support and a larger and overall better Amazon Fire that may lack access to many of your favorite apps.
The more money you’re willing to spend right now, of course, the better your tablet’s specifications will be and the closer you’ll get to replacing your full-fledged laptop with a product that’s easier to carry around but similarly powerful and productive. Granted, that Lenovo Tab P12 is not exactly a dream workhorse (even with a handy stylus bundled in), but that Intel Core i7-powered Surface Pro 9 is an absolute beast… that still costs a pretty penny even after a huge $502 markdown.

There’s nothing better than an ultra-affordable smartwatch

If you agree with that statement, the only other question you need to ask yourselves is what mobile operating system you prefer. If you’re an Android person, then the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is almost guaranteed to deliver unmatched value at a killer price at the time of this writing.
Meanwhile, iPhone users on tight budgets should definitely at the very least consider buying a second-gen Apple Watch SE at a rare $70 discount before Walmart’s latest deals inevitably go away. Are these the absolute best smartwatches money can buy in 2024? Certainly not. But they’re absolutely good enough for their heavily reduced prices, and they check most of the health and lifestyle boxes most users truly care about.

And these are your top audio deals right now

While our weekly deals roundups typically end with a (smaller or larger) collection of earbuds deals and steals, this week’s list concludes with a more varied group of audio products sold at extraordinary discounts. We’ve got a pair of ultra-low-cost noise-cancelling earbuds, two reasonably affordable over-ear headphone models from two brands that are not Apple or Sony, and last but certainly not least, one of the world’s best smart speakers (with a touchscreen!) available at a new record low price.

Those are some pretty solid reasons to break with tradition, don’t you think?

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