Cid Looked at Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and said, “I can fix him”

My detrimental trait is that I am a massive admirer for Final Fantasy VII’s foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, dragoon pilot Cid. My affection for this man spans decades, from when he was a series of blobs stacked on top of each other in the original PlayStation game to when he was a voiceless shopkeeper in the first Kingdom Hearts. As such, I was excited to see him in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, even if he doesn’t get promoted to playable party member this time around. Upon revisiting the original game, I am quite content with how Square Enix approached the character almost 30 years later.

Spoilers for original Final Fantasy 7 follow, but nothing major from Rebirth.

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In most ways that count, Cid is still the same guy fans know and love from FF7 in Rebirth. He’s the pilot of Tiny Bronco, acts like the dad in the room despite being allegedly only 32 years old, and is generally grumpy towards everyone. But he’s also overtly kindhearted in a way that maybe didn’t always come across in the original game. One of his earliest scenes in Rebirth shows him realizing he knew Aerith’s mother, Ifalna, and is disheartened to hear of her passing since they last met years prior. This prompts him to offer his pilot services for free, all because he wants to help the daughter of someone he once cared for.

Cid stands in front of his plane.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku

Where original Cid was often defined as crass, angsty, and mean (yes, there’s nuance, we’re getting there), Rebirth Cid’s doesn’t feel quite as extreme and instead goes for a more understated confident but still caring bravado. His no-nonsense practicality feels distinct in the face of some real weirdos in FF7’s crew, but now it’s a little more reined in. Cid was prickly in the original game, but that side of him was always meant to mask the protective and supportive person he was deep down.

Some long-time fans will likely frame this as “changing” him, but I’d argue…

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