Cinematic AI: The Definitive Rock Sound of Dor Brothers

It’s pretty swell to deceive you if you don’t inspect closely enough. Recently, I encountered a fan-made preview for Grand Theft Auto VII, Egypt on YouTube, made by German music video director Yonatan Dor. His company, Dor Brothers, established extensive knowledge in generative AI by utilizing it for creating over 200 music videos. One of the topics I have been covering for Forbes is the rapid advancement of cinematic AI, so naturally I was already familiar with The Dor Brothers’ remarkable AI-enhanced music video for the supergroup SiM, Hide and Seek. With the release of their GTA trailer, I messaged him on Instagram to hear his story, just like I did with AI filmmakers Caleb and Shelby Ward, Dave Clark, Nicholas Neubert, and Nice Aunties. I wished to find out more about how he utilized AI to create this.

Dor is a frequent speaker at AI events and is working with teams at Microsoft and Pika Labs. “The Hide and Seek project for SiM started when the UNFD record label approached us to craft a music video that captures SiM’s distinctive aesthetic. With only five days(!) for production, we swiftly conceived a style blending traditional Japanese art with a modern explosive twist. We were provided with a very minimal brief by the label, this is where our imagination took over. We visualized scenes such as guitar-playing demons, massive speakers overwhelming a city, and pre-apocalyptic alarms signaling ‘The end is near, SiM is here,’ reflecting the band’s intense live performances.”

Egypt, Japan might also be an exciting setting for the series, so we brought up a few images to visualize it. In softer sections of the music, we leaned towards traditional Japanese aesthetics, reimagining ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ to match the video’s modern feel. The video finishes with a poignant image: a man in a destroyed city touching an eye that opens, symbolizing a return to pure, unadulterated art. To create this video, we generated a total of 2230~ images. This figure does not account for the additional unused clips produced using Pika Labs (+300-500).

For the GTA VII – Egypt project, Dor used Midjourney’s “Style Reference” feature to reimagine iconic video games with a unique spin. “The idea of setting a GTA game in Egypt sparked our imagination, combining Rockstar’s trademark humor with a twist,” he said.

Dor mentioned he got started with AI after discovering a YouTube video in 2022 that had only a couple hundred views, when a very early version of Generative AI was introduced. That was before Midjourney or even Stable Diffusion existed. It was called VQGan for those who might be interested. “I was Initially skeptical that it was real, I was astounded by its potential after trying it out, despite producing a horrendous first image. That experience convinced me of the tool’s potential, leading me to dedicate 8-12 hours daily to mastering it.”

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