Consultancy Services

Yawama of Sweden operates under UnEarth AB.

Our experience and lessons learned are from trade, agriculture, health and development and more recently culture.

 Services Include: 

  • Business Development: we help you understand your business. We specialize in small and medium sized business.
  • Trade, sourcing and supply, we help businesses explore the enormous potential of Southern African markets and the vast trade possibilities to and from the region. We facilitate import and export ventures.
  • Market studies, we carry out surveys to determine your market strategy from Europe into Southern Africa or vice versa.
  • Networking, we create linkages with business partners, government institutions, development organisations, research institutions.
  • Education and training, we share our experiences with your organisation and facilitate the development of appropriate tools for your projects.
  • Monitoring and evaluation, we carry out independent evaluations of your current business or development programmes.

Nicola Eriksson Fackel has 15 years of project management experience primarily in Southern Africa but also in Sweden. She is the founder of She has initiated and managed programmes for both public, private and development programmes. Her areas of expertise are, Fair and ethical trade, Corporate social responsibility, Public Private Partnerships, Business linkages, Grassroot initiatives, Participatory planning, Project management. Nicola is culturally sensitive to both European and Southern African business culture. She holds a Master Degree in Business Administration from Umeå Business School.




3 thoughts on “Consultancy Services

  1. Hej Nicola!

    Jag heter Stina och bor just nu i Senegal och är med och driver ett miljöprojekt. Jag är på jakt efter ekologiskt bomullstyg. Har du möjlighet att hjälpa mig med vem jag skulle kunna kontakta för att få tag på det?

    Tack på förhand!

  2. Hej Stina. Roligt att du hör av dig. Jag ska skicka dig några länkar via mail. Förstår att du kanske är ute efter Afrikanska leverantörer. Vad är det för sorts miljöprojekt du jobbar med?

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