Could this Forged Halo Infinite mode be the next best thing since Helldivers 2 isn’t on Xbox?

Things to be aware of

  • Helldivers 2 is among the most popular new games of 2024 and an excellent cooperative shooter. Regrettably, it’s exclusive to PS5 and PC, so Xbox users can’t access it.
  • Nevertheless, it appears that Xbox players will soon have a satisfying option to Helldivers 2, thanks to the diligent efforts of skilled Halo Infinite Forgers.
  • A substantial team of Forgers known as The Forge Falcons is crafting a “Helldivers 2 experience for Halo Infinite” dubbed Helljumpers. Notably, this group has previously created successful modes like the battle royale experience Inheritor.
  • Helljumpers will feature “procedural objectives, in-game progression, upgrade systems, boss battles, extraction, drop pods, and much more,” and is expected to be released “soon.”

Arrowhead Game Studios’ fresh third-person PvE cooperative shooter Helldivers 2 is currently the topic of conversation, boasting impressive numbers since its release on February 8. Sadly, it remains exclusive to Sony’s PS5 console and the Steam platform on PC, excluding Xbox players from enjoying this top-notch cooperative game.

While it would be fantastic if Sony eventually brings Helldivers 2 to Xbox (a request echoed by the game’s community, including PlayStation users), there is a silver lining. Thanks to the dedicated Halo Infinite Forgers team, hopeful fans may soon have an enjoyable alternative to play while waiting for the possibility of Helldivers 2 releasing on Xbox.

The Forge Falcons, renowned for crafting the popular Halo Infinite battle royale mode Inheritor and the COD: Zombies-like Night of the Undead game type, are currently at work on Helljumpers. Described as a “Helldivers 2 experience for Halo Infinite,” this project is currently “actively being developed with a team of nearly a dozen highly skilled forgers.” The group announced the start of Helljumpers on February 21 and has begun sharing more information about the mode in subsequent days.

The official artwork created for the Helljumpers project. (Image credit: The Forge Falcons)

“Helljumpers is our most ambitious project so far, and we are committed to fully realizing it, with procedural objectives, in-game progression, upgrade systems, boss battles, extraction, drop pods, and more,” The Forge Falcons stated in a message on X (Twitter). “We aim to deliver a flawless Halo PvE experience, and it’s on the horizon. Get ready to dive headfirst into hell, Helljumper.”

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