Did the Classic Games Age Well?


  • Although BOTW and TOTK have achieved new levels of commercial success for the Zelda franchise, many fans of the classic games miss the older formula.
  • Classic Zelda games still excel over BOTW and TOTK by providing a greater sense of progression and maintaining more consistent lore.
  • The open-air formula was a groundbreaking step forward, but traditional Zelda mechanics are treasured by fans for genuine reasons beyond simple nostalgia.

Breath of the Wild was a defining moment for the Legend of Zelda series in a way that the series hadn’t seen for quite a while. The Zelda franchise has always pushed gaming forward ever since its first entry in 1986, but only a few games in the franchise have had the kind of impact on the gaming landscape that BOTW has. The major key to BOTW‘s success was the new “open-air” gameplay philosophy which

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