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Our daily lives are flooded with displays from smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs, and other gadgets, so it’s vital to find ways to limit your screen use whenever possible to enhance your general digital well-being. One easy thing you can do if you have an Apple Watch is make your watch announce the time so you don’t have to look yourself — and this little-known feature is easy to unlock.

There are actually multiple ways on watchOS that can make your watch indicate the current time without you having to glance at its screen, regardless of which watch face you’re using. You can have your watch speak the time out loud at any moment, alert you with a sound at the top of every hour, or tap out the current time so you can feel it with vibrations.

Go to a Choice

  1. Listen to the Time Spoken on Any Watch Face
  2. Listen to Mickey or Minnie Speak the Time
  3. Listen to Chimes Hourly
  4. Listen to Chimes More Regularly
  5. Use Your Watch Vibrate the Time
  6. Enable Siri Tell You the Time

Choice 1: Listen to the Time Spoken on Any Watch Face

You don’t need to change your current watch face to hear the time on your Apple Watch spoken out loud. Whatever voice you have set for Siri will be the same voice that speaks the time.

On your Apple Watch:

  1. Access the Settings app.
  2. Press “Clock.”
  3. Flip on “Speak Time.”
  4. Choose between “Control with Silent Mode” or “Always Speak.”

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