Essential Features Every Hiker Should Have on Their Smartwatch

Sunday Runday

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In this weekly column, Android Central Fitness Editor Michael Hicks talks about the world of wearables, apps, and fitness tech related to running and health, in his quest to get faster and more fit.

The most well-liked smartwatches are excellent for casual turn-by-turn navigation with Google or Apple Maps. But for hikers who need detailed maps, trailhead data, SOS tools, and so on, it’s challenging to find a single flawless hiking watch that has everything.

You’ll want to examine fitness smartwatches with the capability to download offline GPX maps or topographic maps for treks in remote areas with no cell coverage, along with other specialized navigation tools. Conversely, you may prefer a traditional smartwatch that provides cellular support in case your phone dies or access to third-party map apps like AllTrails that a typical fitness watch can’t accommodate.

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