Every Qualifying Player for Capcom Cup X Still in the Running for $1 Million Prize After Final CPT Event with Their Respective Characters

Without including the Last Chance Qualifier though

After months of toiling and hard fought battles, virtually all pieces are now in place to anoint the inaugural global champion of Street Fighter 6 and grant them the largest single prize in fighting games.

The 2023 Capcom Pro Tour season concluded in the Midwest, revealing the full list of players qualified for Capcom Cup X next month who are still in the running for the $1 million grand prize.

This year’s CPT circuit has been quite different compared to previous years by adding more community run endeavors with the World Warrior tournament system in addition to the online and offline premiers we’re accustomed to.

There were 3 offline premiers with Evo 2023, CPT Singapore and CPT France as well as 18 online premiers and 26 qualified through the World Warrior finals, which totals to 47 competitors from around the world.

One final player will be added to the roster by winning an undoubtedly stacked Last Chance Qualifier during Capcom Cup week to bring the total up to 48.

Not all who qualified technically won their respective events, as there were a few players like SL|Xian who won both their premier and World Warrior slots — so the Capcom Cup qualifier would go to the runner up.

Regarding Xian, he’s now qualified for 9 out of the 10 total Capcom Cups across three different Street Fighter games, which is pretty remarkably wild.

We’ve detailed the qualifiers including the event they won / qualified through, the characters they used during that tournament as well as their native country / country they’ll be representing at Capcom Cup.

America stands as somewhat unsurprisingly the one with the most qualified players now at four while Japan, Singapore, Canada and the Dominican Republic will each have three representatives at the finals as well.

Capcom Cup X is set to begin on February 16 with the Last Chance Qualifier followed by the main event taking place from February 21–25.

You can find who all is going to be there fighting for that prize and crown below.

Evo 2023 [UAE] NASR|AngryBird (Ken)

CPT Singapore 2023 [Japan] RB|Gachikun (Rashid)

CPT France 2023 [Hong Kong] Yesports|Chris Wong (Luke)

US / Canada Midwest [Canada] Sayff (Ken)

US / Canada East [US] SR|NuckleDu (Guile, Cammy)

Japan HB|Kawano (Luke)

United Kingdom & Ireland [Hong Kong] Rainpro (Guile)

France, Spain & Portugal [France] Falcons|Mister Crimson (Dhalsim)

Asia Southeast [Singapore] Bravery (Cammy)

Middle East [UAE] NASR|BigBird (Marisa)

Asia [China] BLG|DCQ (JP)

Europe West [Italy] SYG|Garnet (Dhalsim)

Europe North / East [Norway] 00|Phenom (Ken)

South Africa GG|JabhiM (Dee Jay)

Brazil Shodown|NamikazeExTM (Dee Jay)

Central America East [Dominican Republic] Bandits|Caba (Guile)

Asia East [South Korea] Gumout|NL (Luke)

South America West [Argentina] UB|Dookie (JP)

US / Canada West [US] Snake Eyez (Zangief)

Central America West [Mexico] Kusanagi (Ken)

Oceania [Australia] Travis Styles (Chun-Li, Juri)

Canada West MikeX (Ken, Luke)

US West Nephew (Juri)

Japan BST|Fuudo (Dee Jay)

Asia Southeast [Singapore] SL|Xian (Dee Jay)

Canada East Joe Umerogan (Luke)

US Midwest DualKevin (Luke)

Oceania [Australia] R!OT|ROF (JP)

France Falcons|Valmaster (Chun-Li, Kimberly)

South Korea Leshar (Chun-Li)

Europe North/East [Poland] Myrken (Luke)

US East [Dominican Republic] Bandits|MenaRD (Blanka, Luke, JP)

Asia East [Taiwan] UMA327 (Juri)

Middle East [Kuwait] Fandroid (Dee Jay, Ken)

Europe West [Belgium] Takamura (Ken)

South America East [Argentina] GS|Shaka22 (Dhalsim)

Central America West [Panama] DestroyGodz (Guile)

Asia South [Bangladesh] SiAnik|BD (Chun-Li)

Germany GGHalibel (Ken)

South America West [Peru] MK|NeroTheBoxer (Dee Jay)

Mexico SolVNG (Luke)

Central America East [Dominican Republic] Tigers|Crossover (Ken)

South Africa Ren (Luke)

Brazil Juninho-RAS (Luke)

Spain & Portugal [Spain] Samoel (Juri)

China DespairKing (Juri)

United Kingdom & Ireland [UK] M80|EndingWalker (Ryu, Dee Jay)

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