Everything We Know About the Release and Rumors of the Apple Watch Series 10

The latest Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to launch later this year and there are rumors indicating some significant changes on the horizon.

Apple revolutionized wearable technology in 2015 with the introduction of the Apple Watch. According to About Avalon, it took just five and a half years for over 100 million people to start utilizing the Apple Watch.

As the Apple Watch enters its ninth year on the market, a new version, which some are referring to as “Apple Watch X” (Apple Watch Series 10) is scheduled to be released this autumn.

When Can We Expect the Release of Apple Watch 10?

Apple Watch

Apple generally unveils a new Apple Watch alongside the most recent iPhone in September, and in 2024, it would be the iPhone 16 lineup. 

However, there’s speculation about a special “Apple Watch X” for the 10th anniversary in 2025. The initial Apple Watch was announced in September 2014 but was actually released in April 2015, so either date could be used for a potential anniversary.

Nevertheless, the most probable release date is still aligned with the latest iPhone, which will in all likelihood be Friday, September 20.

Rumoured Redesign of Apple Watch 10

Over the past decade, every version of the Apple Watch has sported a similar rounded square shape. The Apple Watch Ultra was a notable deviation in recognizability, but the watch bands have truly become what sets apart different Apple Watches at a glance.

This could all change in 2024.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is gearing up for a significant overhaul of the Apple Watch or “Watch X” in celebration of its 10th anniversary. 

The plan includes making the Apple Watch thinner with a sleeker casing and (for the first time) introducing new methods of attaching bands. Gurman raised the possibility of magnetic bands, allowing for more space within the watch for larger batteries and other internal components.

There was no mention of whether or not the device itself could be given a circular option, emulating the appearance of typical analog watches. In general, it’s reasonable to anticipate Apple making some major changes to this Watch series, similar to the iPhone X.

Enhanced Screens for Apple Watch Series 10

Rumors are circulating (via MacRumors) that Apple is developing microLED display technology for the Apple Watch, and it’s uncertain whether these models will be released this year or in 2025.

Additionally, MicroLED features may be intended for the larger Apple Watch Ultra 3, testing a 2.1-inch diagonal display, but there could be multiple sizes or a redesigned Apple Watch X.

However, there are potential display sizes of 1.89 and 2.04 inches for 2024 Apple Watch models. Currently, the display size options are 1.7 inches or 1.9 inches for the Apple Watch Series 9.

MicroLED, a modern technology utilizing microscopic LEDs, offers enhanced energy efficiency, extended lifespan, faster response times, improved contrast, and vibrant colors compared to other display types. 

Fresh Health Features and Enhancements

In 2024, Apple intends to introduce blood pressure monitoring to the Apple Watch, enabling users to track upward trends that may necessitate medical attention.

Unlike traditional methods using an inflatable cuff, Apple’s system measures the speed of a heartbeat wave through sensors, initially providing general trends rather than precise measurements. 

The system includes an option for users to note activities during hypertension events, guiding them to consult a doctor or use a traditional cuff for accurate measurements.

Moreover, a sleep apnea detection feature is expected, using sleep history and breathing patterns to estimate the condition and advising users to seek medical attention.

While Apple may not produce any smart rings or other pieces of jewelry, continuing to make the Apple Watch a health device is seen as a judicious move.

One health feature is unlikely to be present in the new Apple Watch Series 10, due to an ongoing legal battle.

Can Apple Watches be Sold in the United States?

Apple is eliminating the active blood oxygen feature from its Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches in the United States, as reported by CNBC. While the new models will still come equipped with the blood oxygen monitoring tool, it will not be operational.

This follows an appeals court’s temporary lifting of the import ban on the latest Apple Watches, allowing Apple to resume sales of the Series 9 and Ultra 2 models (with the blood oxygen monitoring tool) in the U.S.

Apple had initially halted sales in mid-December in response to an International Trade Commission (ITC) order, finding the blood oxygen sensor infringed on Masimo’s intellectual property. Masimo sued Apple back in 2020, accusing the iPhone manufacturer of infringing on its health technology patents and stealing its trade secrets.

Masimo specializes in health technology and consumer electronics, producing patient monitoring devices, optical sensors, and telehealth platforms.

Moving forward, it appears that the active blood oxygen feature will no longer be included in Apple Watch devices sold in the U.S., including the Watch X.

However, the import ban is lifted and as long as Apple continues to sell Watches without that specific feature being operational, there should be no delay or cancelation of the Apple Watch Series 10 hitting shelves in 2024.

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