Expert Opinions on Kernel Level Anticheat: Imperfect Yet Here to Stay

Similar to Denuvo DRM or shader compilation stutter, “system level anticheat” is one of the most prominent concerns affecting PC gaming in recent years. The typical stance of most gamers is that it’s a crutch utilized by “unmotivated developers”, it hampers performance, and could potentially jeopardize security. However, after perusing games marketing veteran Ryan K. Rigney’s Push to Talk report, where he converses with various professional anticheat experts, it’s evident that the technology is here to stay regardless.

For those unfamiliar, when anticheat operates at system level, it means that it’s functioning at the deepest, most authoritative level of your operating system. Developers value that level of control in identifying and shutting down cheat programs, preempting them with the highest degree of system authority. Many consumers understandably take exception to surrendering that level of control to a third party. 

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