Fast Ways to Earn Money in Yakuza’s Relaxing Sim Game

The Yakuza series is recognized for its comprehensive and engaging minigames, and the franchise’s most recent entry, Like a Dragon: Boundless Wealth, continues this trend. If you’re currently playing Boundless Wealth, you’ve likely heard about its Animal Crossing-esque island existence sim, Dondoko Island, where you can construct a tropical resort for enjoyment as well as financial gain.

The minigame becomes available in Chapter 6, so it may take some time to reach it if you’re exploring everything that Honolulu and Yokohama have to offer. While it’s largely optional, it’s undeniably enjoyable and a valuable source of income as you enter the mid-game.

Here’s all you need to know to maximize your experience on Dondoko Island.

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What makes playing Dondoko Island in Infinite Wealth worthwhile?

During Chapter 6, Ichiban finds himself stranded on Dondoko Island for several days. After cleaning up trash and learning DIY crafting basics, you can return to Oahu once your island reaches a one-star rank. This doesn’t take long. Afterward, your participation in this minigame is entirely optional. If cozy sims aren’t your thing, Dondoko might feel more like a burden than a dream vacation. However, the real fun begins when you accept paying guests. You can then start constructing various buildings and attractions for your guests. For each three-day tour you book, you’ll receive a portion of the earnings in traditional U. S. currency.

Spending time on Dondoko Island provides an excellent opportunity to accumulate a fortune and equip your squad with powerful weapons and gear. Since funds might be scarce in the initial chapters of Infinite Wealth, dedicating a few hours to making substantial profits can set you up nicely for the midgame. Cozy sim experts probably won’t need our help with this. However, those who are new to Dondoko Island can take full advantage of the optional content without worrying about minor details.

Collect everything, especially early on

Dondoko Island is home to a wide variety of creatures and resources to collect, particularly as you clear out fields filled with garbage. Gather everything you come across, from rocks and seashells to bugs and carrots. If you run out of space, store the items in the boxes scattered around the island. The more of each item you collect, the higher the selling price they will command from your friendly vendor, Matayoshi. This leads us to our next point:

Sell all the fish, bugs, and minerals

For the most part, you’ll want to sell everything you acquire during your daily forages, with the exception of vegetables and precious metals like gold. This includes fish—except for the one-star Dondoko Scuttler, which is used to create various types of souvenir items. Once you begin building farming plots, you’ll receive plenty of vegetables, eggs, and mushrooms each day. Store these for later use and sell tuna, truffles, and coral. Gold and silver flora and fauna are worth even more.

Prioritize upgrading your bat

You will eventually want to upgrade your fishing spear and bug net, but your highest priority should be saving up for Ichiban’s bat upgrades. This will help you clear rocks, trees, and garbage more efficiently, yielding more resources. It will also come in handy for dispatching unwanted visitors who sneak onto your island to cause trouble.

Each tool can be upgraded twice. The first upgrade costs a whopping 50,000 Dondoko bucks, while the final one is 150,000. The second-tier bat should suffice for a three-star resort. However, as your island reaches the four- and five-star range, Ichiban will have to deal with more troublemakers. After all, a good offense is the best defense.

Build anything

When you reach the three- and four-star levels, it’s tempting to think you have to design your island around one of these four main themes: rustic, sleazy, pop, and elegant. As you build, especially in the early stages, your island’s atmosphere will change. While guests have unique preferences, it’s a simpler (and more profitable) long-term strategy to appeal to everyone. Prioritize high-end accommodations and large structures to maximize your satisfaction level.

Feel free to place large buildings wherever you’d like, as you can always move them later, and they’ll fit conveniently into Ichiban’s inventory like any other item. If you’re tired of a particular building or are upgrading to something better, you can sell buildings and any other DIY items you no longer need to Matayoshi, often for a substantial sum. Ensure that any building or object intended for guest entertainment is adjacent to an existing pathway. Otherwise, be prepared to pave the way yourself.

Conceal resource-generating structures

As your island paradise expands, you’ll be able to purchase crops and recycling plots from the General Store to generate resources for crafting. While anything guests interact with must be adjacent to a pathway, this isn’t necessary for resource-generating structures. Stick them in the awkward spaces behind buildings, even if they’re mostly hidden from view or access. Instead, prioritize space for buildings and objects that your guests can enjoy. You’ll still be able to collect your crops and crafting materials outside the general store as usual, even when you can’t see them.

Ichiban the hoarder

In addition to removing trash from every region of Dondoko Island and creating exceptional guest accommodations, you’ll need to invest time and resources into making Ichiban’s house the best it can be. The more items you have there, the higher your Livability score. That directly translates into more health hearts for Ichiban. When you’re aiming for a five-star rating, you’ll want as many as possible.

Some players may prefer to transform Ichiban’s home into a lavish palace, while others will focus on raising their Livability score and earning more money. Simply fill the rooms with as many Elegant furnishings as possible. There’s no penalty for turning his house into a hoarder’s storage unit to get that score as high as possible.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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