Former AAA Devs’ New Metroidvania “Hollow Knight meets Kirby” Demo Makes It a Highly Anticipated 2024 Release

The upcoming Metroidvania Biomorph captured my attention almost a year in the past with, as developer Lucid Dreams Studio described it, a “Hollow Knight meets Kirby” monster mash formula. The game really interested me after trying its brief, 10-minute Steam demo (still playable right now). Following my experience with the greatly extended demo (coming soon in the February Steam Next Fest), I am extremely enthusiastic about it. I feel like I’ve gained a much better understanding of the scope and feel of the game, and due to this demo as well as a conversation with Lucid Dreams CEO Maxime Grégoire – someone who has been in games for more than 10 years, mainly at Eidos Montreal, and established this studio with former Far Cry developer Francis Lapierre – I’m extremely eager to play the whole thing on PC (or Switch) later this year.

The perfect kind of game  

Biomorph Metroidvania

(Image credit: Lucid Dreams Studios)

Biomorph is a side-scrolling action game where you play as a fierce yet cute Lombax-looking critter named Harlo, joined by two talking, floating gauntlets that are both weapons and friends. Harlo feels good to control thanks to an intuitive jump arc, a smooth dash where you liquefy yourself to slide under attacks and enemies, and – even among the limited demo selection – some punchy melee and ranged weapons that allow for surprisingly intricate combos and juggling. The new demo’s final boss is miles ahead of the previous one, and after defeating it following three close deaths, I was disappointed to see the “thanks for playing” screen come up simply because I wanted to hit more stuff.  

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