Fortnite 28.20 Update Patch Notes: New Hunting Dagger, Building Tweaks, and Bug Fixes – LEGO version

Josh Taylor

LEGO Fortnite was launched over two months ago at the beginning of Chapter 5.

The survival-crafting game quickly broke player count records for Fortnite and has remained one of the most popular modes in the game. The initial v28.10 hotfix update brought Launch Pads, new Villagers, and numerous gameplay enhancements.

Now, Epic Games has unveiled an additional LEGO Fortnite V28.20 update. This has brought in the Hunting Dagger, improved building and gameplay mechanics, and resolved various bugs. Here’s all the information you need to know.

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LEGO Fortnite VillagersEpic Games

Classic Fortnite skins that have received LEGO Styles in the game.

LEGO Fortnite February 7 patch notes update

Hunting Dagger

Epic Games have now released a new weapon in the game called the Hunting Dagger. It can be crafted from a Crafting Bench and comes in four strength rarities, all of which are listed below:

  • Common Hunting Dagger
    • requires your Crafting Bench to be at least Level 1
    • unlock the recipe by adding a Bone to your inventory.
  • Uncommon Hunting Dagger
    • requires your Crafting Bench to be at least Level 2
    • unlock the recipe by adding a Cut Amber to your inventory.
  • Rare Hunting Dagger
    • requires your Crafting Bench to be at least Level 3
    • unlock the recipe by adding a Cut Ruby to your inventory.
  • Epic Hunting Dagger
    • requires your Crafting Bench to be at least Level 4
    • unlock the recipe by adding a Cut Sapphire to your inventory.


  • You can fly faster in Sandbox worlds!
  • Placing builds close to each other is now easier.
  • You can talk to Villagers while on a moving object, including a Dynamic Foundation!
  • Items will be returned to your inventory after you change recipes at a Crafting Bench.
  • Tree logs will remain between gameplay sessions.
  • Village Squares can no longer be placed on things not attached to the ground, since this was causing Village Squares to break.
  • Upgrading a Crafting Bench while another player is using it will work properly. (Waste your resources no more!)
  • Reduced the likelihood of the same Villager spawning twice.
  • A storm happening in the Grasslands will no longer scare Villagers in other biomes.
  • Fixed an issue where using the “Deposit” or “Deposit Stack” options to put seeds in soil could make seeds go missing.
  • Fixed an issue where getting resources from Chests wouldn’t make recipes unlock.
  • Fixed an issue where the building limitation system would sometimes report that an area was too dense to build in, even though it wasn’t.
  • Fixed an issue where the cold status could stay on you if you were eliminated with the status.
  • Fixed an issue where wolves would sometimes run away from you for no reason.

LEGO skin Styles

Fortnite Lego Hamilton skins and LEGO StylesEpic Games

Lewis Hamilton LEGO Styles now available in Fortnite as part of the v28.20 update

Here is all the new Outfits in Fortnite that have received a LEGO Style:

  • Black Widow (Snow Suit)
  • Blitz Brigade (Team Fortnite)
  • Crossbar Crusher (Team Fortnite)
  • Formation Fighter (Team Fortnite)
  • Launch Day Lewis Hamilton
  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Pass Rush Ranger (Team Fortnite)
  • Punt Paragon (Team Fortnite)
  • Red Zone Renegade (Team Fortnite)
  • Scrimmage Scrapper (Team Fortnite)
  • Snap Squad (Team Fortnite)
  • TD Titan (Team Fortnite)
  • Trench Runner (Team Fortnite)

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