Forza Motorsport Xbox Update: Introducing the Most Challenging and Daunting Racetrack in the World

Forza Motorsport Update 5 has now been detailed by Turn 10. The update is set to be released in February and will include the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, as well as a new track, the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

According to Turn 10, the Nordschleife, which covers a distance of 20.8 kilometers, is the most challenging and intimidating racetrack in the world. It is a testament to the history of racing and has a notorious reputation. The track features long straights, steep climbs, challenging turns, and an elevation of nearly 300 meters. Turn 10 describes the Nordschleife as the ultimate test of endurance for both racers and manufacturers.

In a blog post providing a preview of some of the fixes that will come with Update 5, Turn 10 also shared updates on three key areas the team is working to improve: Car Progression, Forza Race Regulations, and Drivatar AI.

Outside of those changes, Turn 10 also mentioned that they are “investigating other priority fixes for the AI to improve their overall driving behavior and reduce how aggressively they stick to the racing line.”

As for the fixes that Turn 10 is aiming for with Update 5, a preview of the patch notes has been provided below.

The update will include improvements such as stability fixes, gameplay adjustments, livery editor updates, PC-specific changes, wheel fixes, graphics enhancements, AI fixes, car updates, track fixes, and accessibility improvements.

Sadly, the patch notes preview did not mention any fixes for the Forza Motorsport achievements. However, with these improvements, Forza Motorsport may be able to move up the grid in our list of the best Xbox racing games.

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