Get ready for changes in your app usage with the Digital Markets Act

Significant change has arrived for major tech — and it might just enhance your life along the way.

Initially, some context is necessary. For the past few years, tech companies and EU regulators have been in conflict over app stores, equitable access, and the digital market in general. This led to the EU bringing the Digital Markets Act (DMA) to life in 2022.

While the DMA is intricate and varied, its regulations are broadly aimed at making the digital economy fairer and more transparent. This means companies that are often gatekeepers to digital content, such as Apple and Google, will be compelled to open up, allowing interoperability and more competition on everything from payments to messaging.

So why are things intensifying at this time? Well, when the DMA entered into effect, companies affected by its regulations were given a deadline to become compliant — but that timeframe is coming up very soon. On March 6th, to be precise.

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These circumstances leave us with a few questions: what exactly will the DMA alter? What will the future of the digital world resemble? And how will it affect you?

To learn more, we conversed with Enrique Collado, VP of Growth and Marketing at Softonic, a software distribution platform established in 1997.

Profile photo of Enrique Collado, VP of Growth and Marketing at Softonic