How using Google’s circle search on my Galaxy S24 saved a friendship and helped me understand a joke

I understand what a Pocket Monster is, and I even watched the film, the one featuring Deadpool. I’ve never engaged in a Pocket Monster game, however, even though my child was a supporter in the past. Thanks to Google’s innovative loop for exploration feature, I now am aware of Lance, a mentor of Dragon type Pocket Monsters, and a member of the Elite Four, prior to becoming the Champion of the Pocket Monsters League. I am not familiar with the meaning of any of that, but Google comprehends, and it assisted me in preserving a friendship.

By friendship, I am talking about Christian Guyton, our Computing Editor and Energy Drink Specialist, whom I have never encountered because he resides in the UK. Nevertheless, he appears pleasant! I catch glimpses of him during our team video discussions, and he appears to be an amiable and knowledgeable individual, and I am confident that we would enjoy each other’s company and form a friendship if I visit the UK or he visits the US, and we hang out.

However, during a work Slack channel, Christian presented a challenge. He shared an animated character, devoid of context, and declared in the subsequent message, “image provided without context, if you don’t grasp it you are no longer my comrade.”

Pocket Monster Lance the dragon mentor in a Slack exchange channel

(Image credit: Future / Pocket Monster)

What can I do!? This appears to be a whimsical conclusion to our burgeoning companionship. Then I recollected my Galaxy S24 Ultra. I seized the phone and opened Slack. I tapped on the bar at the lower part of the screen, and the entire display changed to a pink hue. I almost forgot what to do next because I was not anticipating the pink. I somewhat overlooked circle to search after evaluating this phone.

Loop to search saves the day and makes me feel intelligent

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