I Improved my Workstation with a Touchscreen Display and it Has Simplified multitasking

The connection between a tech enthusiast and their workstation is a unique one, considering the amount of time, dedication, and funds invested in creating something that truly suits them.

From constructing your own PC to selecting all the accessories to complement it, and choosing a desk to bring everything together, significant thought and contemplation go into your workstation. Whether it’s a remote work setup that you spend hours at daily or a gaming setup with one of the top gaming PCs that you return to after a long day at work, opting for a desktop over one of the finest laptops offers numerous customization possibilities.

Since joining Tom’s Guide, my workstation has undergone multiple changes based on the devices I’ve evaluated and the job at hand. While incorporating a intelligent display below my primary monitor changed my workflow, substituting it with a compact monitor was truly groundbreaking as I now had two screens instead of one. Regrettably, that compact monitor just didn’t possess the durability needed to be a permanent component of my workstation as it encountered an unforeseen demise three months after its acquisition.

Although I adore my desktop, I purchased a ThinkPad last year for when I need to get some tasks done on the go. Nonetheless, as one screen is never sufficient for someone who has grown accustomed to working on an ultrawide screen, I acquired an economical portable monitor from UPERFECT ($129, Amazon) on a whim to pair with it. At CES earlier this year, I enjoyed utilizing it so much that when my compact monitor prematurely failed, I instantly knew where to seek a replacement.

Here’s how I assimilated it into my workstation and why I believe I might have ultimately discovered the ideal display to place under my primary monitor.

Becoming a permanent fixture on my desk

A portable monitor underneath an ultrawide monitor on a desk

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

As the compact monitor I cherished had a touch screen, I knew its replacement also needed to possess one. There’s just something about being able to reach out and engage with your desktop as you would with one of the premium tablets. The challenge, however, is that despite their benefits, touch screen displays aren’t frequently seen in the optimal monitors with the Dell P2424HT being the anomaly to this norm. Fortunately, UPERFECT offers several portable monitor models that come with a touch screen.

While I initially considered the company’s Unify Y monitor ($219, Amazon) because of how its ports are seamlessly integrated into its stand, my colleague Alex Wawro persuaded me that its USteam G16 monitor ($280, Amazon) was the superior choice after examining both due to its 120 Hz refresh rate.

Another appealing feature of this specific portable monitor is its built-in 10,800 mAh battery. Although I don’t plan to remove it from my desk now that it’s set up, I can see its battery being useful when I want to preserve my laptop’s battery power since it wouldn’t have to energize the display.

Elbow connectors on the ports of a touchscreen monitor

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

While a 120 Hz refresh rate is ideal for browsing the web and particularly for gaming, I had a new problem to solve. The other monitor I considered had all its ports integrated into its stand, but on this one — like with most other portable monitors — the ports are on the sides instead of the back. This complicates cable management and maintaining a neat workstation setup. Thus, I acquired a set of USB-C elbow adapters and a mini HDMI to full-size HDMI one. With these adapters connected to the portable monitor, I could neatly route the necessary cables to the back of my desk rather than having them protrude out on the sides.

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