IBM and Korea Collaborate to Introduce IBM Watson and Quantum Computing

Accord includes KQC offering IBM software and new AI infrastructure capabilities as well as IBM’s next-generation quantum computing architecture
BUSAN, South Korea, Jan. 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Korea Quantum Computing (KQC) has engaged IBM to offer IBM’s most advanced AI software and infrastructure, as well as quantum computing services. KQC’s ecosystem of users will have access to IBM’s full stack solution for AI, including watsonx, an AI and data platform to train, tune and deploy advanced AI models and software for enterprises.
KQC is also expanding its quantum computing collaboration with IBM. Operating as an IBM Quantum Innovation Center since 2022, KQC intends to provide access to IBM’s worldwide fleet of utility-scale quantum systems over the cloud. Moreover, IBM and KQC plan to install an IBM Quantum System Two on-site at KQC in Busan, South Korea by 2028.
“KQC is offering versatile computing infrastructure in Korea through our partnership with IBM. Our reliable hardware computing resources and central software in quantum and AI are set not just to satisfy the expanding need for high-performance computing, but additionally to catalyze industry utilization and ecosystem development. We strive to diligently enhance services and infrastructure through this collaboration as well as with our industry-specific partners,” said Ji Hoon Kweon, Chairman of KQC.
“We are enthused to collaborate with KQC to deploy AI and quantum systems to foster innovation across Korean industries. With this collaboration, KQC clients will have the capacity to train, fine-tune, and implement advanced AI models, using IBM watsonx and advanced AI infrastructure. Furthermore, by having the opportunity to access IBM quantum systems over the cloud, today — and a next-generation quantum system in the coming years — KQC members will be able to combine the power of AI and quantum to create new applications to address their industries’ toughest issues,” said Darío Gil, IBM Senior Vice President and Director of Research.
This collaboration involves an investment in infrastructure to support the development and deployment of generative AI. Plans for the AI-optimized infrastructure includes advanced GPUs and IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Unit (AIU), managed with Red Hat OpenShift to provide a cloud-native environment. Together, the GPU system and AIU combination is being engineered to offer members state-of-the-art hardware to power AI research and business opportunities.
To offer a full stack solution, this partnership will also include access for KQC’s clients to Red Hat OpeShift AI for management and runtime needs, and IBM’s watsonx platform to empower generative AI and the next wave of computing technology. By utilizing watsonx software for its workflows and solutions, KQC members will have access to generative AI technologies for the enterprise.
Aside from IBM, KQC is also collaborating with other Korean organizations on contributions to the country’s quantum computing ecosystem.
“KQC has been actively building quantum research collaborations with leading domestic companies in the financial, bio-healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Last year, Dankook University Hospital joined as a co-research member in quantum healthcare. Additionally, as members of our IBM Quantum Innovation Center, Hanlim Pharmaceutical Co., has started joint research for new drug discovery with us. And DNEURO, a Korean financial software start up is developing quantum algorithms in option pricing and portfolio optimization,” said Dr. Joon Young Kim, CEO of KQC.
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