Interview: Exploring the Potential of Stellar Blade on the PS5

The initiation of Project Eve was initially revealed for the PS4 nearly five years back. Could you provide some insight on how the project has transformed and developed since that time?

Hyung-Tae Kim: At the start, the platform was not fully determined, but we had the notion that we desired to produce a solo player action-adventure game. After we had finished our playable prototype, Sony entered the picture.

Subsequently, we aspired for users to have a next-level gaming encounter, so we transitioned the development to the PS5. We altered the title from Project EVE to Stellar Blade, and in collaboration with Sony, we have now finished the game.

Interview: Shift Up on PS5's Highly Promising Stellar Blade 2
Image: Shift Up

Could you elucidate what defines Stellar Blade’s combat system as distinctive compared to other character action games on PS5?

Kim: Engagements take place with an appealing female lead who wields a blade. We have integrated nearly all blade actions into the game. Players have the opportunity to execute various combinations and abilities, yet it does not imply that they can haphazardly employ them. Instead, they need to understand the patterns of the monsters and ponder about their attack strategy. It involves a continuous exchange between the player and the adversaries.

Aside from the close combat, there is a third-person shooting mode where players can partake in ranged combat and utilize items. Thus, while it is blade-focused, players will encounter diverse forms of action throughout.

Significantly, there are diverse support features that will render the game accessible to those who lack familiarity with action games, allowing them to still relish the experience.

Interview: Shift Up on PS5's Highly Promising Stellar Blade 3

Eve seems to feature a myriad of different ensembles and hairstyles in the trailer. How crucial is character customization in Stellar Blade? How many choices will players have in the ultimate game?

Kim: The game offers approximately 30 distinct outfits, all of which can be obtained through gameplay. Therefore, players have the chance to obtain them by exploring, embarking on quests, or visiting the in-game shop. Players can relish the collectible aspect of the game.

Additionally, by engaging in quests, players can unlock hairstyles to personalize different appearances. Furthermore, there are also other accessories such as earrings and glasses. It is important to note that all of these can be acquired in-game without any additional purchases.

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The most recent gameplay summary trailer presented the English dub, but will players have the option to select Korean or Japanese voices with subtitles in the Western version of the game?

Kim: The game comes with a total of 22 different languages and nine voiceover dubbing options. Players are free to select from these choices. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the Japanese voices will only be accessible in Japan. The Japanese text will be available, but the voiceover will not be. This is due to the voice actors, as they will only be available in the Japanese region. However, Korean will be available.

Dong-Gi Lee: English, Japanese, and Korean all have lip synced animations, providing users with a more natural voiceover experience.

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Image: Shin Jae-eun

A fan account declared last year that the character of Eve is modeled after the Korean model Shin Jae-eun. Can you confirm if that’s accurate? If so, what led to the selection of her as the representation of Eve?

Kim: Yes, indeed, we molded the character of Eve based on the model Shin Jae-eun. We believed that her physique would serve as a good benchmark for the character that we aspired for. However, it was only the body of the model that was scanned for the game, as the face was originally created in-house.

Naturally, the definition of beautiful bodies varies, but for us, we wanted to originate the most appealing body for the user, which is why we opted to collaborate with her.

Interview: Shift Up on PS5's Highly Promising Stellar Blade 6

Music plays an integral role in Stellar Blade. Could you elaborate on how you determined the songs and what the audience can anticipate from the soundtrack?

Kim: The music is a crucial element in the game that authentically conveys the worldview of Stellar Blade. The soundtrack comprises about 100 tracks, with most songs featuring a chorus or some form of human voice.

Around 60% of the songs were crafted in-house, while the remaining 40% were produced by a sound studio called Monaca, led by composer Keiichi Okabe. Okabe-san was the composer of NieR.

Interview: Shift Up on PS5's Highly Promising Stellar Blade 7

Shift Up is most well-known for NIKKE: Goddess of Victory on mobile. Will there be any crossover between the games fans can look forward to?

Kim: Certainly, if that is what the users desire, then we are capable of incorporating whatever will please them. We are presently in deliberations on how to execute this in order to maximize the appeal of the event. We are also considering how we can maximize the synergy between the two titles.

Interview: Shift Up on PS5's Highly Promising Stellar Blade 9

Stellar Blade feels like a significant milestone for Korean games on console. How are you handling the burden of anticipation?

Kim: The Korean gaming market heavily favors mobile devices, with most developers focused on smartphones. However, we believe that a single-player console game with a conclusive conclusion is still relevant and crucial. Hence, we are hopeful that Stellar Blade will serve as a noteworthy title that will inspire other Korean developers to perceive this as a starting point and draw inspiration for future projects.

It was not an effortless path we chose, yet we resolved to tackle the challenge and hope that users derive enjoyment from it.

Interview: Shift Up on PS5's Highly Promising Stellar Blade 8

We deeply appreciate your time. As enthusiasts of NIKKE, it was a pleasure to conduct this interview.

Kim: Thank you so much! We will strive to produce more captivating and diverse gaming content.

This interview has been gently adjusted for clarity and readability. We extend our gratitude to Sony and Shift Up for arranging this interview, and to both Kim and Lee for taking the time to address our inquiries. Are you eagerly anticipating Stellar Blade? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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