Karlov Manor Card Spikes 900% in Price Following New Murders

Following much anticipation, Murders at Karlov Manor has finally been released today! Despite the global release date being today, the set has been legal for a full week already. After the start of prerelease events on February 2nd, Murders at Karlov Manor has been in circulation for a short period. During this brief time, we’ve already witnessed some significant market shifts.

Considering the notably high prices of many legendary cards pre-release, considerable market shifts are not surprising. Unexpectedly, one uncommon card is seeing a 900% surge in value. Previously an underrated sleeper, this card is swiftly proving itself as one of the set’s top bombs! However, this isn’t the only card experiencing a significant increase in value!

Cryptic Coat

Cryptic CoatCryptic Coat

Prior to the start of prerelease events for Murders at Karlov Manor, everyone was underestimating Crpytic Coat. While it seemed like a fantastic value engine in Limited, people had low expectations for it elsewhere. Upon acquiring this card, however, individuals quickly began to realize the incredible potential of Crpytic Coat.

By producing an unblockable 3/2, with the added benefit of Ward 2, Cryptic Coat is a surprisingly aggressive threat. Capable of dealing damage without fear, this card gives blue decks an early-game menace. Furthermore, besides being effective on its own, Cryptic Coat can be rebounded to your hand, greatly expanding its utility.

Recalling the era of True-Name Nemesis in Legacy, Cryptic Coast appears remarkably formidable. While it may not be played everywhere, the card undeniably has potential across multiple formats. In Standard, Pioneer, and even Modern, this card could create significant ripples.

Now that players have recognized Cryptic Coat’s tremendous potential, copies of it are being swiftly purchased. As expected, this significant surge in demand has led to an extraordinary price increase on TCGplayer. Previously, this card was selling for as little as $1 when prerelease events were beginning last week. Presently, copies of this card are being sold for $10!

While this remarkable price increase is noteworthy, it is worth noting that it may not be permanent. Currently, there is certainly a demand for Cryptic Coat, however, the supply has been quite limited. With the full release of Murders at Karlov Manor, there should be an influx of supply from major retailers.

Upon examining current listings for Cryptic Coat, it is evident that this is already happening. While the most recent sales are around the $10 mark, there are several listings for $7.

Surveil Lands Shoot Up

Surveil LandsSurveil Lands

From the moment they were first revealed, MTG players were naturally intrigued by the new cycle of Surveil lands. Representing a clear improvement to Ravnica’s Temples, these cards generated a lot of excitement among players. However, prior to the start of prereleases, these cards were surprisingly inexpensive.

While prices varied for each card, the entire range was only between $1 and $3. Given that these lands were retrievable, facilitated graveyard synergies, and usable in multiple formats, this price seemed like a colossal oversight. Fortunately, this oversight is gradually being rectified now that they are demonstrating their value.

Most notably, three cards from the cycle of Surveil lands are experiencing substantial post-release price increases. Among these, Undercity Sewers is undoubtedly the most remarkable at present. Enhancing existing Dimir Surveil decks, this card is practically a must-have, resulting in its price doubling, which is not surprising.

Alongside Undercity Sewers, there is also evident growing interest in both Thundering Falls and Underground Mortuary. Unfortunately, since we are so early after the release, the pricing for these cards remains very unpredictable. Regrettably, this volatility is likely to worsen once more copies of these cards flood the market.

Mixed Mythics

Delney, Streetwise LookoutDelney, Streetwise Lookout

Upon the release of Murders at Karlov Manor alongside prerelease events, as expected, the set’s most costly cards were predominantly mythics. Being the rarest cards available, this pattern was entirely expected, even if the cards themselves were not particularly special. Consequently, apart from a few nearly guaranteed bombs, it appeared that many cards were overpriced.

Previously dropping to as low as $16, Delney, Streetwise Lookout is one of the few mythic cards increasing in price. Having jumped by $3 already, there is clearly a high demand for Delney. Given that they are essentially Panharmonicon 2.0 for low-power creatures, this demand is entirely expected.

While Delney’s price has been on the rise, other legendary bombs like Anzrag, the Quake-Mole have plummeted. Formerly, this incredibly powerful Mole was the priciest card in the entire set. However, Anzrag is now selling for only $12.85. Currently, this price tag still places them in the top 3 most expensive cards, but it is nonetheless a $12 drop from its peak.

Fortunately, not every legendary price drop is nearly as substantial. For example, Vein Ripper has only fallen by around $2 and Rakdos, Patron of Chaos has dropped by $3. Since we are still very early into the set’s release, it is likely that these prices will continue to drop further once the demand decreases.

Still Early Days

Ultimately, while the secondary markets are already experiencing movement, Murders at Karlov Manor has only been released for a week at most. As a result, many of the prices online are still incredibly fresh and liable to change. With the official release of the set, which allows for increased supply, more changes are expected in the coming weeks.

Should these changes occur, we will be here to cover them all, so stay tuned!

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