Latest Updates: News, Rumors, Release Window, and More

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is one of our preferred smartwatches due to its subtle but intelligent enhancements over the first generation, such as improved battery life and a more accurate heart rate sensor. As we are accustomed to Google’s most recent wearable, we cannot help but contemplate the potential for a future Pixel Watch 3. Any official confirmation of the Pixel Watch 3’s existence, let alone specific information about its features, is likely months away. However, rumors are beginning to circulate, and we have numerous ideas about how the Pixel Watch 3 could be improved. Here’s what we know about Google’s upcoming wearable — and what we desire from it.

Rumors and what we know so far

The Pixel Watch 2 is just a few months old, but we’re already starting to hear whispers about the next generation. Our first substantial rumor came in mid-January: citing “a source familiar with the matter,” 9to5Google has reported that the Pixel Watch 3 will come in two sizes, addressing a major shortcoming with the first two generations.

9to5 didn’t offer details about what sizes we can expect to see, but it’s apparent that a second size option would be larger than the first two Pixel Watch generations, each of which is 41mm wide. Given sizing options offered by Google’s competitors, we’d expect a larger Pixel Watch to come in at 45 or 46mm.

That’s a promising bit of info, but it still leaves much to the imagination. Whether other deficiencies will be addressed remains to be seen.

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