Lenovo Enhances Telco Transformation with Cutting-Edge Edge AI Innovations at MWC 2024

  • Cutting-edge AI systems unite bespoke AI applications with the worldwide telco sector, supplying robust and effective computing for AI at magnitude and driving AI for All
  • Deutsche Telekom, Orange and Telefonica amidst growing community of patrons and collaborators aiding corporations efficiently implement novel AI scenarios and transform data into quicker insights with Lenovo AI-ready infrastructure
  • Partnership opportunities enable telcos to craft and deliver a wide range of AI workloads for clients with automated roll-out of edge-to-cloud AI infrastructure, networking, software, orchestration and management

Barcelona – Feb. 26, 2024 – During MWC 2024, Lenovo revealed state-of-the-art Integrated Edge AI Solutions for Telco that assist enterprises transcend the data hub to leverage extensive data at the distant edge for transformative AI applications at scale while decreasing energy consumption. The breakthroughs are part of a comprehensive pocket-to-cloud collection of Lenovo hybrid AI solutions devised to simplify the journey to intelligent transformation for all industries. The solutions are enticing new customer partnerships with market leaders, like Telefonica, to unlock the power of AI wherever data is produced and deliver it to companies at the distant edge in real-time.

As the telecom industry continues its remarkable evolution to enable the rollout of 5G and an AI-fueled future, innovations in IT networks, cloud infrastructure and edge computing are vital to uniting today’s digital economy. Edge computing empowers businesses to evaluate data spontaneously, facilitating quicker actionable insights for more effective operations and services.

Incorporating AI at the Edge at Scale

To back the substantial amount of computing migrating to the edge, an influential lineup of new Lenovo Integrated Edge AI Solutions for Telco is exhibited at MWC in Barcelona with Lenovo’s ecosystem of collaborators. Highlights Include:

  • Novel multi-cloud edge computing architecture with Telefonica addresses critical applications for intelligent cities, making it uncomplicated to leverage data across city streets in a wide array of AI situations, encompassing the use of video analysis and machine vision to recognize smoke and fire, promote public safety and enhance emergency response times. Leveraging its own Telco Cloud with the range of Lenovo ThinkEdge servers and Motorola’s push-to-talk technology, Telefonica is demonstrating via a proof of concept the capabilities of multi-cloud at the edge, AI and machine vision to alert public safety officials of danger. The new resolution organizes the full edge-to-cloud environment, seamlessly weaving infrastructure, connectivity and applications together to consistently sustain public safety and enrich emergency response with real-time AI.

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