List of 90 Trophies in Tomb Raider 2 Remastered

Below you can find all 90 awards in Tomb Raider 2 Remastered – Beware, spoilers are ahead.

DISCLAIMER: The PlayStation 5 edition is lacking a Platinum Trophy, while the PlayStation 4 version has one.


  • Featuring Lara Croft – Accumulate all accolades in Tomb Taider II


  • I Only Play for Sport! Still! – Conclude the game in under 6 hours
  • Hero of Reaching Unreachable Supplies – Retrieve unreachable medipack
  • Souvenirs From Around the Globe – Acquire every collectable item in a single playthrough

BRONZE (86):

  • These Doors Are Waiting – Complete The Great Wall chapter
  • Via Caravelli, Venice! – Conclude Venice chapter
  • We Are Searching the Right Place – Finish Offshore Rig and Maria Doria chapter
  • Lara Stamps Out Yeti!!! – Complete Tibet chapter
  • To the Sins and Fortunes of Marco Bartoli! – Wrap up Temple of Xian chapter
  • I Think I’ve Seen Enough – Complete Home Sweet Home chapter
  • Codex of China – Gather all secrets in The Great Wall, Tibet and Temple of Xian levels
  • Codex of Italy – Uncover all secrets in Venice levels
  • Codex of Bartoli – Collect all secrets in Offshore Rig levels
  • Codex of Maria Doria – Acquire all secrets in Maria Doria levels
  • Ready to Raid! – Conquer the assault course in 1:20 or less
  • Delivery People Have Finally Arrived – Inspect your treasury
  • Check out your treasury – Lure the butler into the fridge, wait for him to make a bad sound and lock him in there
  • Crane Drive – Dive to a lake from the top of the guardhouse
  • I’m Not Climbing the Walls for This – Do not use the ledge, but take no damage from the flying blades
  • Extinct Is Extinct – Defeat both T-Rexes with no evidence
  • I’m Not Your Tourist – Complete the Venice level without ever getting on a boat
  • Let’s Saddle Up – Jump into the boat from the highest height possible
  • No Time for the Plague – Don’t let the rats bite you
  • Cooler Than Moonraker – Jump from a boat to another boat, making the first one blow up on mines
  • Emergency Exit – Break any window with yourself in a jump
  • Pollen Allergy – Don’t move the flower block in Bartoli’s Hideout
  • Moving Doesn’t Change Who You Are – Obtain library key without moving chandeliers
  • Bartoli Stash – Get hidden Uzis in the boathouse
  • Like Father Like Son – Shine a light on Gianni Bartoli
  • With Respect for Cultural Heritage – Cross the broken roof by dropping only three wooden panels in Opera House
  • Gold Digger – Take the golden one before the rest of the secret dragons in Opera House
  • Fight off the B’s – Break all the windows with your enemy’s initials
  • Don’t Even Need to Wet My Feet – Stay out of water before you get your guns back in Offshore Rig
  • In a Rush – Do not remove either of the two blocks from the wall near the fire area
  • Anger Management – Have Lara get so mad about missing the helicopter that she explodes in a jump
  • The True Dettox of Evil – Get hidden M16 rifle in Diving Area
  • Like Caesar – Go through the water shaft in one breath with a gold dragon in your backpack
  • Nervous Wreck – Finish Wreck of the Maria Doria level by swan diving into the water and swimming to the end in one breath without taking damage
  • Attentiveness Rewarded – Find a shortcut to avoid entering a room with two levers and moving a block on a blue duct in Living Quarters
  • No Unnecessary Moves – Do not break the floor panel to get the gold secret in Living Quarters
  • 10/10 – Perform a somersault dive into the water
  • 20/10 – Perform double somersault dive into the water
  • No Fish Soup Today – Don’t hurt the sharks, but don’t let them bite you either
  • Fire Safety – Catch fire from every possible enemy and exinguish it in the water
  • A Land Walk – Get the cabin key from the inflatable raft without swimming in the underground lake
  • Who’s the Cat and Who’s the Mouse – Find the hidden snow leopard
  • Tibetan Osteopathy – In the first cave of Tibetan Foothills, break the ice wall with your back and survive
  • Public Service – Drop all the icicles in the Tibetan levels without being hurt
  • The Tibetan Express – Slip next to the two blocks on the snowmobile
  • Eco-Friendly – Beat Tibetan Foothills on foot
  • An Unexpected Visit – Do not use the tall ladder to enter monastery
  • The End Doesn’t Justify the Means – Prevent the monks from being killed
  • Per Aspera Ad Astra – Get through the obstacles to the trapdoor key with the jade dragon and no damage
  • Anuttara-Samyak-Sambodhi – Light a flare in front of the mystical eyes
  • And I Want It Now! – As the snowball moves, manage to get the Tibetan Mask in 25 seconds or less
  • Snowballs Champion – Reach the top of the hill and make it back to the gate before the avalanche completely stops at the bottom
  • Recess Bell – Ring the fourth bell and reach the ladder, stepping on the slides no more thans four times
  • Better Not Slip Here – Illuminate the deppest chasm
  • Silk Cave – Clear the spider cave without a scratch using only Lara’s guns
  • Wipeout Master – Pass four swinging obstacles in Temple of Xian without slowing down and getting hurt
  • On Equal Terms – Do not hurt Xian swordsmen while they are levitating, but eliminate all of them
  • No Crazy Golf – Let the green boulders stay where they are
  • No Grill Today – Make the dragon breathe fire on you five times during the final battle, but do not ignite
  • I Really Think I’ve Seen Enough! – Make Fiamma Nera boss appear in the final cutscene
  • Let’s Dance – Defeat all enemies in the ballroom while music is on
  • Starring One More Time – Beat the game on New Game+
  • Very Hard Boiled – Beat the game using only Lara’s pistols

DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT: The Golden Mask (All Bronze)

  • Comrade Croft – Complete Melnikov Island chapter
  • That’s Just a Nightmare – Conclude Nightmare in Vegas bonus level
  • The Nightmare Just Got Worse – Kill both T-Rexes
  • Gold Rush – Obtain the Golden Mask of Tornarsuk
  • Codex of Melnikov – Acquire all 15 secrets
  • Capitalist Accumulation – Get hidden harpoon gun, M16, Automatic Pistols and Uzis in the first level
  • Snow March – Conclude first two levels without using snowmobiles
  • Na Zdorovye! – Don’t anger Inuit warriors or their spirits
  • True Komsomol Member – Don’t break any hammer and sickle windows
  • Ordered to Be Shot – Do not let flamethrower enemies have time to use their weapons
  • Denouncing the Enemy – Throw a flare into a small rat hole
  • Planned Economy – From the start of the level, get the Mask of Tornarsuk in less than 50 seconds
  • Solve the Problem of Deficit – Pick up the box of flares before the boulder rolls down
  • We’ll Surpass You. And We’ll Go Forward – Run through a corridor with a rolling blade without stopping and without taking damage
  • Kakie Vashi Dokazatelstva? – Defeat two polar bears without evidence
  • Defensive Capabilities – Don’t hurt the catfish, but don’t let them bite you either
  • The Dissolution – Break all shattered floor panels over big funnel
  • Legitimate Repression – Leave three sasquatches locked in the start cage
  • Victory Over the Bourgeoisie – Fight the Guardian of the Kingdom by staying with him on the other side of the bridge with no way back
  • Harvest Plan Implemented – Take every collectible item in a single walkthrough
  • The Motherland Calls – Do a handstand on the top of the sculpture
  • Lucid Dream – In your nightmare fight the Guardian of the Kingdom in his own cage
  • 1980 Summer Olympics – In your nightmare perform double somersault to obtain Uzis

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