Several of Apple’s largest shareholders are preparing to push the company the next day to disclose its utilization of artificial intelligence tools (via the Financial Times).

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Apple’s yearly shareholder meeting occurs tomorrow, providing those with a significant stake in the company an opportunity to propose ideas. One proposal suggested by the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) demands that Apple reveal its use of AI and any moral principles adopted by the company concerning the technology.

The proposal is expected to have the support of Norges Bank Investment Management and Legal & General, Apple’s eighth and 10th-largest shareholders. Norges Bank, which manages the largest sovereign wealth fund globally, stated in its voting disclosures that Apple’s board needs to consider the “social outcomes of its operations and goods.” Similarly, Legal & General remarked that Apple “discloses very little about its strategy for managing AI-related risks.”

Legal & General had a meeting with Apple to talk about AI, but it chose not to enhance transparency regarding its development and application of the technology. “Apple should be candid about their utilization of AI and their risk mitigation processes,” the company stated.

The main investor advisory company Institutional Shareholder Services is recommending Apple shareholders to endorse the AI proposal, arguing that Apple’s guidelines “do not specifically recognize the potential risks arising from the use of AI” and, subsequently, “there are concerns about shareholders’ ability to accurately assess the risks connected with utilizing AI.”

On the other hand, Apple is advising investors to oppose the proposal, asserting that “the scope of the demanded report is excessively wide and could involve the disclosure of strategic plans and initiatives detrimental to our competitive stance.” Shareholder requests in the United States are normally non-binding, but those garnering support from more than 30% of investors typically exert sufficient pressure on the company to take action. It is widely expected that Apple will introduce a variety of new AI features for its devices at WWDC later this year.

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