Microsoft to Demonstrate Advanced AI Technologies at NVIDIA GTC Event

Welcome to the modern era, where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping almost every sector and rapidly altering the appearance, design, and delivery of applications.

Enterprises globally are striving to utilize AI in their products and operations to enhance customer interaction, efficiency, and productivity. However, many corporations are unsure about the most effective ways to integrate AI into their operations. To expedite the development and integration of AI, establishments require a reliable collaborator to aid them in defining their AI strategy and offering all-inclusive, cohesive services, infrastructure, and tools tailored for AI.

Businesses of all scales are embracing Microsoft for innovative, secure, and ethical AI services. Microsoft is continuously investing in providing cutting-edge AI solutions, dedicated to assisting enterprises in their transformation journey. Discover how Microsoft is supporting organizations globally to accomplish more with AI in this video.

The most recent AI solutions

Microsoft recently introduced a new wave of AI innovations, ranging from AI services to chips, aiming to help any business hasten its AI production – whether by enhancing existing applications and processes or developing new ones from the ground up.

Azure AI Studio offers an all-in-one AI platform for crafting, evaluating, and deploying generative AI solutions and personalized aides. Azure AI services encompass ready-to-use cognitive services capable of executing tasks such as vision, speech, and decision-making, along with customized machine learning solutions that can be developed and launched using Azure Machine Learning. Additionally, Azure OpenAI Service provides state-of-the-art coding and language AI models, as well as the latest progress in generative AI for content creation, conversational AI, and data anchoring.

Microsoft Copilot and Copilot for Azure revolutionize productivity and business workflows, catering to office workers, frontline workers, developers, and IT professionals alike.

Azure’s supercomputing infrastructure includes the latest AI-optimized silicon featuring new Microsoft bespoke chips: Azure Maia and Azure Cobalt, NVIDIA® H100 and H200 Tensor Core GPU-optimized Azure virtual machines, and NVIDIA AI foundry service available on Microsoft Azure.

Explore the groundbreaking advancements at NVIDIA GTC

Join Microsoft at the NVIDIA GTC AI Conference from March 18 – 21 at booth #1108 in San Jose, CA (or virtually) to witness how these state-of-the-art Azure AI services and supercomputing infrastructure can fuel your AI transformation. Through interactive and on-demand sessions, live conversations, and practical demonstrations, attendees of NVIDIA GTC can:

  • Discover the fundamental Azure AI services and technologies that drive some of the world’s most extensive and intricate AI models and applications.
  • Uncover methods to expedite the deployment of generative AI and large language models.
  • Delve into how Azure AI Studio and tailored cloud infrastructure can speed up AI development and implementation.
  • Gain insights from best practices and customer experiences to accelerate your AI progression.

Participate in Microsoft sessions

Highlighted below are Microsoft sessions at NVIDIA GTC. Incorporate them into your conference agenda.

Highlighted sessions

  • S63275 Fuel your AI metamorphosis with the Microsoft Cloud
  • S63277 Empowering Generative AI in the Corporate Realm with NVIDIA on Azure
  • S63274 The Next Stage of GenAI with Azure OpenAI Service and Copilot
  • S63273 In-depth Exploration of Training and Inferencing Large Language Models on Azure
  • S63276 A Peek Behind the Curtain at Azure AI infrastructure

Talks and discussions

  • S61190 The Revolution of Compact Models
  • S62777 The Role of Generative AI in Present-Day Healthcare
  • S61936 An In-depth Look into Sustainable Cloud Computing
  • S62336 ONNX Runtime: Streamlined AI Deployment for PC Applications
  • S62730 Embracing Generative AI in Government: Adoption and Operational Challenges
  • S62783 Digitizing Major Industries Worldwide with OpenUSD and Generative AI
  • S62504 Optimizing Your AI Blueprint for Crafting and Deploying Innovative Deep Learning Models in the Cloud for Medical Image Analysis
  • S62447 Optimal Networking Strategies for AI: Insights from Cloud Service Providers
  • S61664 PIT: Enhancing Dynamic Sparse Deep Learning Models via Permutation Invariant Transformation

Engage with Microsoft

Drop by Microsoft’s booth #1108 in person to encounter the latest AI services and supercomputing infrastructure. Engage in live discussions, connect with Microsoft AI experts, and test out the latest technologies and hardware. Unable to attend in person? Virtually visit Microsoft via the NVIDIA GTC site starting March 18.

Participate in practical training

Microsoft is delighted to host NVIDIA Hands-on Training at GTC. Attend full-day, instructor-led workshops and training labs. Participants will be provided access to a fully configured GPU-accelerated server in the cloud and the opportunity to earn an NVIDIA certificate certifying subject matter proficiency.

Secure your spot now

With over 900 inspiring sessions, 200+ exhibitions, 20+ technical workshops, and an array of unique networking activities, explore the future of AI and accelerated computing. Learn more about Microsoft at NVIDIA GTC and sign up today.

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