Obtaining Mid and End Game Pals in Palworld Using the Breeding Farm

If you haven’t caught up yet, Palworld is the monster-taming survival adventure that has been making waves in the gaming community. The game has been surrounded by controversy while still managing to achieve incredible sales targets in a few days, and you can play it on Xbox Game Pass right now. Whether you’re just getting started in Palworld or you’re an experienced tamer who has caught all of your Pals the difficult way, you’ve probably come across the Breeding Farm in the game’s tech tree. But do you know how to make the most of this vital building?

The Breeding Farm allows players to take Pals currently in their possession and reproduce them (with the power of cake) to produce eggs. At first glance that seems obvious. Reproduce a Cattiva with a Cattiva to get another Cattiva. The question is, why would you want to do this if you’ve already caught that Pal? Breeding Pals can give you a chance to create Fusion Pals, unique creatures that can be a little harder to find in the wild. It can also allow you to select traits and attributes for your Pals so that you can create the best possible variant for your party.

Unlocking the necessary technology

You’ll need tech to produce wheat and bake cakes before you can use the breeding farm.
(Image credit: Windows Central)

Before you can get started with breeding Pals, you need the necessary technology. Similar to Ark: Survival Evolved, Palworld utilizes Tech points to unlock new equipment, storage solutions, weapons, and workstations. While some basic tech is automatically unlocked, others require reaching certain levels, finding special schematics, or catching special Pals.

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