Official Trailer: Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown – ‘The Explorer’

Further Information Regarding Discovery

The most recent preview, “The Surveyor,” draws you away from the commonly traveled paths and presents the environment you can endlessly investigate on Hong Kong Island. Whether you’re at the controls of a robust Ford Raptor F-150, engineered for more rugged terrain; the iconic 1980s off-road Lancia Delta Integrale; or even the Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo, blending performance and cutting-edge technology, you’ll sense as if you’re navigating through a flawless postcard.

From coastlines to woodlands to peaks, Hong Kong Island boasts as many diverse terrains to uncover as it does treasures to encounter. Solo or with companions, you can embark on a quest to track down nearly 300 items (collectibles), comprising rewards like Solar Coins, Reputation, clan Influence, and distinctive artifacts. It’s crucial to keep an eye on the wreckage detector, alerting you to the proximity of a recoverable car component. Acquire them all to assemble two exclusive vehicles. Only after you’ve gathered all the components, scattered throughout the island, can you include these two cars to your collection. Apart from the thrill of coming across unique landscapes seldom seen in racing games, exploration also presents valuable incentives for advancing in the game.

The more diligent ones among you might have observed the absence of particle details, notably dust and splashes on gravel tracks. We are still in the process of integrating and optimizing these effects. This aspect is essential for off-road immersion but also consumes resources and impacts performance. Our current development aim for this aspect is to identify the optimal balance between particle effects and performance, while ensuring seamless gameplay remains the top priority. Although we can showcase lengthy trails of dust, akin to the ones in the WRC games using the KT Engine, the magnitude of Hong Kong Island and the resources required to exhibit other players and the intricate environments make it a much more daunting task in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

The MMORPG at the Core of the Test Drive Unlimited Experience

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown aims to unite car fanatics for a communal and lifestyle experience that surpasses the confines of the game. The vision is that the affection for cars is a shared enthusiasm: among friends, family, colleagues, and fellow admirers.

In Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, this shared passion can be relished in various ways: strolling, discovering, competing, and more. While cruising, you are always surrounded by other players, creating a vibrant, living city. In Test Drive Unlimited, this car allure is also experienced in the social setting of dealerships and garages, where you can discuss your future purchase, dream car, and plans for customization or enhancement.

The Solar Hotel (refer to Solar Club Letter #3) and clan HQs were also established as communal areas and gathering spots. For multiple reasons, these social aspects necessitate an infrastructure that is continuously connected to online databases: leaderboards, races, inventories, moderation, live events, anti-cheating measures, and the overall game experience. An internet connection is essential to partake in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

The Final Stretch

The majority of Test Drive Unlimited‘s gameplay has been implemented and is now undergoing final tweaking. However, there are numerous significant challenges that the development team is tackling. To provide you with an idea of the effort involved, it took over three years to design Hong Kong Island at a 1:1 scale and its network of roads, including all the intricacies in off-road regions and the hidden corners of the island. Additionally, seamlessly integrating a car model with a level of detail akin to Test Drive Unlimited can take up to four months. This process encompasses detailed modeling to meet the manufacturer’s standards, adding details for optimal immersion while driving (including interior lighting in some models), distinct animations (such as retractable roofs for convertibles), physics for every road surface, engine noises, upgrades… It’s an immense workload to offer the most delightful and realistic game possible. Each car model is scrutinized and tested multiple times to ensure each vehicle delivers specific sensations and a distinct driving encounter.

We have made significant strides in recent months, largely due to your involvement and feedback/suggestions in response to our communications (Test Drive Unlimited Connect, trailers, Solar Club Letters, Discord discussions, and generally on our social media channels). We have been conducting additional tests to evaluate the power and dependability of the servers so that we can gradually mirror real-world launch conditions. Setting up server infrastructure for an MMO of the magnitude of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown poses a major challenge. We anticipate hundreds of thousands of players, and we are diligently working to mitigate risks linked to technical complications.

We are aware that you are eager for a launch date, and we share in your eagerness. While a launch date has been contemplated on multiple occasions, we want to take the necessary time to ensure that your experience of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is as seamless, steady, and enjoyable as possible. Many of you have already underscored this to us: take the time to release a game that aligns with your expectations. Thus, we are exerting maximum effort on several fronts, including fortifying the stability of the server infrastructure and optimizing the game’s performance. Once we are confident that these two areas are solid, we will joyfully divulge the eagerly anticipated launch date, then cross the finish line and embark on our lengthy journey together.

In the interim, additional testing phases will be initiated soon, including Closed Playtest 3, of larger scope and in expanded territories.

We trust that this letter has shed light on the present state of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown for you and what the forthcoming major steps entail. Players, developers, enthusiasts, and our teams are closely monitoring your discussions, videos, analyses, and other insights on all our social media channels. Although it may not always be feasible to respond, all your reactions are exceedingly valuable, and we strive to center on them during the development of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown.

View the trailer underneath.

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