Optimizing Your Experience in FF7 Rebirth’s New Game Plus Mode

Similar to many other grand RPGs today, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth extends beyond the end credits. While the game lacks a traditional New Game Plus feature common in other titles, it does grant you the choice to revisit any segment of the narrative. If you wish to rewind to the ideal moment to conclude specific side missions or collect items you overlooked on your initial playthrough, the options might seem perplexing initially.

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This manual illustrates how Rebirth enables you to revisit different sections of the game and suggests the best spot to return to for smoother open-world exploration.

Yes, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (sort of) features a ‘New Game Plus’

Upon reaching the end credits of Rebirth, you’ll unlock Chapter Selection. This functionality allows you to replay any chapter in the game in the sequence of your choosing. Although it deviates from the conventional “New Game Plus” concept seen in other games, it operates similarly, granting you the ability to jump to any point in Rebirth’s storyline.

Chapter Selection not only permits you to experience different parts of the story at varying difficulties, keeping all your equipment and progress intact; it also serves as a perfect method to accomplish any remaining open-world objectives you may have (thanks to Chadley’s persistent reminders). To access this feature, navigate to the main menu under System > Chapter Selection.

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If you want to dive back into the game to complete side missions and open-world tasks, a particular chapter stands out for this purpose: Chapter 12.

Cloud, Aerith, Red XIII, Tifa, Yuffie, Cait Sith, Barret, and Cid stand atop a broken Tiny Bronco.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotak…

Opt for Chapter 12 for effortless completion of all open-world activities

After finishing the game and preparing to explore the open world without worrying about the main story, simply select Chapter 12 as your starting point. Feel free to revisit Chapter 12 whenever you fancy viewing Rebirth as a open-world game rich in fast-travel options. However, a few things should be taken into account.

Chapter Selection takes you back to the specific chapter’s narrative context. When you begin Chapter 12, you will need to play through the initial segment, which involves a brief journey on the Tiny Bronco before arriving at Costa del Sol. Once at this juncture, you can treat the map similarly to any open-world game (as you can now fast travel to nearly any location from the map), but it’s advisable to progress a bit further in the narrative to further unlock the game.

Cloud walks toward Dio in Battle Square.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Upon reaching Costa del Sol, make your way to the Gold Saucer and advance in the narrative until Aerith and Cloud converse with Dio at Battle Square. Fast travel will be disabled until this conversation. Once you interact with Dio, you are free to navigate the map fully, with the ability to move around the Gold Saucer as well.

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If you progress beyond the date night event, you can still complete various quests and tasks, but you will be without a certain feline member of your group, which may impact your leveling progress.

Explanation of the quest progress reset prompt

When selecting a chapter from Chapter Selection, you will encounter a somewhat vague prompt asking if you wish to:

  • Retain Current Quest Completion Data
  • Restore Previously Completed Quest Data
  • Reset All Quest Data

Choosing the first option will maintain any progress on side quests from the current playthrough (unfinished quests will reset, however). The second choice imports side quest progress from a different save file. Therefore, if you initiated a New Game and started over, after unlocking Chapter Selection, you can bring over progress from a prior playthrough.

Additional crucial ‘New Game Plus’ configurations

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