Overwatch 2 Season 9 Patch Notes: Major Balance Changes and Additional Updates Revealed

The ninth season of Overwatch 2 has at last arrived. As you might predict, Blizzard has given a summary of all the new additions that are coming to the team-centered shooter.

In a new blog post about the patch notes, Blizzard shares that the new update not only introduces season 9 but also a variety of enhancements to competitive play. Most notably, the developer reworked competitive updates–instead of needing a player to win five matches or lose 15, they will receive updates after every match. A new skill tier, Champion, above Grandmaster, has also been added. Blizzard hyped that “only a remarkably small percentage of players will ever occupy this echelon of Competitive Play.”

The ninth season update of Overwatch 2 also brings a new co-op event named Cosmic Criss. Players will work together with three others to repair their ship, defend off enemies, and attempt to escape the Ruins of Ecopoint Antarctica.

In our assessment of Overwatch 2, we remarked: “Overwatch 2’s shift to a 5v5 layout breathes fresh vitality into what was once the greatest shooter available. It just hasn’t wholly regained all of that glory – yet.”

You can inspect the entire patch notes below.

Overwatch 2 Season 9 Patch Notes


Confront eldritch abominations in the twisted reality of Cosmic Crisis, a new co-op task. Work with three other players to repair your ship and flee the ruins of Ecopoint Antarctica while fighting off the monstrous Null Sector. But be vigilant for your teammates… an ancient force waits in the shadows, looking for its moment to strike.

  • Skill Rank Reset
  • Given the substantial changes to our heroes and the addition of a new skill tier, this reset is intended to offer all players a chance to climb higher than ever before.
  • All roles in Role Queue and Open Queue in Competitive Play have been reset to Unranked.
  • Placement Matches

    • Placements have been completely reconstructed. Your anticipated rank will be displayed after each placement match.

    • You must conclude 10 matches in a role to earn your Skill Rank for that role.
    • Finishing your placements will have a significant influence on your final rank.


    • At the end of a Competitive Year, any remaining balance of Competitive Points converts to Legacy Competitive Points.
  • Matchmaking Rating

    • At the commencement of this season only, the internal Matchmaking Ratings for all players have been adjusted to push players closer to the normalized average (approximately at Gold 3).
    • Matchmaking Ratings have been decayed. The higher the rank, the greater the decay.
    • Most players will start at a lower skill rank and division than their most recent rank.
  • Competitive Challenges

    • Competitive challenges removed. Rewards and progress for Competitive Play are now displayed on the Competitive Progress page and titles are rewarded at the end of the season.

    • Added an innovative set of visual upgrades. Hero/Game Mode badge upgrades start at Level 500. Progression Level badge upgrades start at Level 2500.

    • Wrecking Ball title rewards are renamed from “Champion” to “Champ” to align with Junker Queen’s usage of the title (and to avoid confusion with the new Champion rank).
    • Adjusted amount needed to level up certain sub-badges for Mauga and Illari.


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